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The Rail Cargo Group provides a full range of transport services for rail freight transport to and from Italy with its direct railway connections to Italy – eco-friendly, safe and reliable. As a leading provider of intermodal and conventional railway logistic services to and from the port of Trieste and with a market share ofRead More

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Railways simply explained

Do you know what “double heading” means? Or why multiple-unit traction can take different forms? Why for example both traction units are placed at the front of a freight train and then at other times with one locomotive pushing from behind?Read More


May I introduce myself: My Name is Vectron

High-performance, 6400 kW, 90 tonnes, a top speed of 160 km/h, almost 19 metres long, over 3 metres wide, over 4 metres high and deployable in different countries – this is the new powerhouse for the Rail Cargo Group. The acquisition of new locomotives lays the foundation stone for competitive, economical, ecological freight transport.Read More


Small world globally linked

The Rail Cargo Group covers markets in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Our target territory is growing all the time. Our network is extending further and further beyond European borders. As a leading rail logistics specialist, we already link trade routes from/in Europe to Asia.Read More


Greater safety thanks to new technology

Freight train brakes are not only vitally important when the train is running. Even when a train is parked, the brakes must still apply their full braking effect. This is now measured by a new measuring system, directly on the brake block. New technology thereby ensures greater safety in rail freight traffic.Read More


Next stop: Intelligent freight wagons

Digitalisation is also finding its way into freight transport. The aim is for modern telematics and sensors to improve the operation and maintenance of freight wagons and to make rail freight traffic even safer, more efficient and more reliable overall.Read More


Whisper brakes

Quietly running trains Imagine being woken up abruptly in the middle of the night. The reason: a freight train thundering past. That will soon change. By the end of 2021, tourists as well as people living alongside railway lines should be significantly relieved from the noise of freight trains.Read More

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