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How a relaxed approach and perfect teamwork achieve just-in-time supply control of high-quality household appliances such as refrigerators and kitchen appliances. It is no coincidence that the world’s number two in the household appliance industry relies on absolutely reliable logistics solutions and thus on our logistics competence.Read More

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“Look at yourself!”

Mindfulness starts in the head and is something you can train. As part of a pilot project, Rail Cargo Group apprentices attend workshops where they learn simple tips and tricks to reduce everyday stress, perceive the world more consciously and thus avoid dangers and accidents at work.Read More


We for You

Have you ever asked yourself how uncompromising logistics work? And whether it is possible to place the entire logistics chain in trusted hands, so that you, as our customers from industry and the forwarding or shipping sector, have absolutely nothing more to worry about? We say yes!Read More


Welcome to Vienna!

Our freight train from China, loaded with 44 containers, has arrived safely in Vienna after 15 days. Together with numerous guests, the train will be festively received today at the Freight Centre Vienna South. This marks the start of the fourth regular high-frequency China connection.Read More


The countdown is running: from the Chengdu-Vienna diary

15 April 2018. Entry from the travel journal: We have already covered 3,500 kilometres, and there are 6,300 still to go. Today, we are at the Chinese-Kazakh border crossing Korgas. We are already leaving China behind, while five countries still lie ahead of us. Here is a first look back at initial experiences and atRead More


There it goes, have a good trip!

12 April 2018, 10:00 a.m. local time Chengdu – an economic metropolis and the largest railway hub in the heart of China. The excitement is rising. All eyes are on our freight train. It will be the first to reach Vienna directly from China. Everything is ready. The departure signals are giving the go-ahead. TheRead More


Nonstop between Linz and Duisburg

On 8 March, a brand new Rail Cargo Group train service began its maiden journey from Austria to Germany. So that we will be operating a smart block train service with end-to-end transport chain planning between Linz and Duisburg.Read More


To the Balkan by rail

The Rail Cargo Group has been providing a railway logistics connection between Western European economic centres and countries in South and South East Europe as well as CIS countries for years with their rail products. Now a separate dispatcher centre has been implemented in Budapest to further simplify the process for our clients.Read More

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When Generation Y coaches Baby Boomers

Is the application of new digital technology also a challenge for you? It is for a lot of people. Young colleagues grow up with smartphones, social media and the like and are usually better at using them than the older generations.Read More


Welcome to Bella Italia

The Rail Cargo Group provides a full range of transport services for rail freight transport to and from Italy with its direct railway connections to Italy – eco-friendly, safe and reliable. As a leading provider of intermodal and conventional railway logistic services to and from the port of Trieste and with a market share ofRead More

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Railways simply explained:
double heading

Do you know what “double heading” means? Or why multiple-unit traction can take different forms? Why for example both traction units are placed at the front of a freight train and then at other times with one locomotive pushing from behind?Read More

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