Green mobility for sustainable goods

RCG transports more than 110,000 tonnes of waste glass by rail every year. This means conserving resources combined with environmentally friendly transport. Watch our video to see how shards of glass roll on rails to the sorting plant and what our customer appreciates about the cooperation with RCG.Read More


Best practice: RTMO – Rail Transport Mobility Optimization

Railway logistics 4.0 The competitive environment remains challenging not only in the railway world. Constantly changing customer needs challenge us to be on the move. If we do not adapt to customer requirements every day, we quickly lose the ball to our competitors. All the more welcome are innovative digitisation and optimisation projects that areRead More

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The stories of the Kings & Queens

We dedicate the summer to the stories of our customers. They are at the heart of all our activities and we handle end-to-end logistics solutions for them 365 days a year. They are our Kings & Queens, for whom we are preparing a big stage over the next months.Read More


Kalí méra Greece!

Did you know that the Rail Cargo Group handles freight operations with its own trains in ten countries? Since July the list of countries has become longer: Greece becomes the latest country to come under the own traction territory of RCG.Read More


Exchange with China

We are proud to be one of the leading international rail logistics experts. In order to further develop this position we, as employees, would like to get to know the international market and especially China very well. Therefore we not only initiate cooperations in the railway company sector but also in the educational sector.Read More


Welcome to Vienna!

Our freight train from China, loaded with 44 containers, has arrived safely in Vienna after 15 days. Together with numerous guests, the train will be festively received today at the Freight Centre Vienna South. This marks the start of the fourth regular high-frequency China TransFER.Read More


There it goes, have a good trip!

12 April 2018, 10:00 a.m. local time Chengdu – an economic metropolis and the largest railway hub in the heart of China. The excitement is rising. All eyes are on our freight train. It will be the first to reach Vienna directly from China. Everything is ready. The departure signals are giving the go-ahead. TheRead More


Nonstop between Linz and Duisburg

On 8 March, a brand new Rail Cargo Group train service began its maiden journey from Austria to Germany. So that we will be operating a smart block train service with end-to-end transport chain planning between Linz and Duisburg.Read More


Small world globally linked

The Rail Cargo Group covers markets in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Our target territory is growing all the time. Our network is extending further and further beyond European borders. As a leading rail logistics specialist, we already link trade routes from/in Europe to Asia.Read More

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5 years Rail Cargo Carrier in the Czech Republic

On 23 May 2012 the first freight train supplied with in-house traction ran in the Czech Republic. This intermodal train travelled from Trieste to the terminal in Paskov. Five years later we celebrated this anniversary by once again running a freight train along the same route.Read More

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