Not only products and innovations reflect ACTION, but also our direct contribution to sustainability as well as background information and technical facts around the service activities of the Rail Cargo Group – you can expect all this and much more here. We are developing constantly and would like to invite you to take this exciting journey with us.


Unlimited customer utility

The RCG is characterized by internationality. Every year we handle more than 115 million tons of goods between international metropolitan areas and the most important ports – in Europe and far beyond to Asia. The RCG covers 52 million train kilometers per year. This corresponds to 1,298 circles around the world. Read More


No mean feat

In the steelworks, they become what they are. They’re installed all over the world. When they’re transported, sometimes even the most hard-boiled railway expert is left breathless. A spectacle you don’t get to see every day.Read More

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Wood on track

The RCG transports products of the wood industry flexibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. With around 200,000 loaded timber wagons and 5.6 million tonnes of timber transported annually, we are the largest wood forwarder in Central Europe. This saves the environment a lot of CO2.Read More


Produce your own spare parts: 3D printers make it possible

Our goal is to produce the necessary spare parts for rail vehicles quickly and efficiently ourselves so that they are available whenever they are needed. 3D printers should soon make this possible. Technicians from ÖBB-Technische Services are working intensively on this. For us, this means faster vehicle availability in the future.Read More

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In time on track

The Rail Cargo Group is on the move 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on behalf of its customers. We transport approximately 83 million tonnes of goods in and through Austria every year. To ensure that the entire logistics chain runs smoothly, the ordered wagons must be where they are needed on time,Read More


Green mobility for sustainable goods

RCG transports more than 110,000 tonnes of waste glass by rail every year. This means conserving resources combined with environmentally friendly transport. Watch our video to see how shards of glass roll on rails to the sorting plant and what our customer appreciates about the cooperation with RCG.Read More


Best practice: RTMO – Rail Transport Mobility Optimization

Railway logistics 4.0 The competitive environment remains challenging not only in the railway world. Constantly changing customer needs challenge us to be on the move. If we do not adapt to customer requirements every day, we quickly lose the ball to our competitors. All the more welcome are innovative digitisation and optimisation projects that areRead More

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The stories of the Kings & Queens

We dedicate the summer to the stories of our customers. They are at the heart of all our activities and we handle end-to-end logistics solutions for them 365 days a year. They are our Kings & Queens, for whom we are preparing a big stage over the next months.Read More

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