Not only products and innovations reflect ACTION, but also our direct contribution to sustainability as well as background information and technical facts around the service activities of the Rail Cargo Group – you can expect all this and much more here. We are developing constantly and would like to invite you to take this exciting journey with us.


Maintenance knows no limits

Mobile services beyond the borders support the efficient handling of international freight traffic of the Rail Cargo Group. In order to design a more efficient handling of international transports of the Rail Cargo Group, TS in Breclav offers mobile maintenance and repair. In particular, a better flow of loaded vehicles can be secured along thisRead More


Innovative wagons for Rohrdorfer Group

The family company in Rohrdorf has been producing cement since 1930. To do this, they require sand. Strictly speaking, slag sand which they obtain from the voestalpine recycling centre. And how? Environmentally friendly by rail, of course 🙂Read More

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At ROLA near the Brenner Pass

Slipping into another role for one day and – as in the case of our executives – taking over the job of other colleagues for one day. Barbara Reitgruber, Head of IT Governance and IT Administration, immediately realised that she “wanted to go to ROLA” as part of the “changing perspectives” project.Read More

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5 years Rail Cargo Carrier in the Czech Republic

On 23 May 2012 the first freight train supplied with in-house traction ran in the Czech Republic. This intermodal train travelled from Trieste to the terminal in Paskov. Five years later we celebrated this anniversary by once again running a freight train along the same route.Read More

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Steel-forged links

We have now been taking care of the transport needs of voestalpine for over half a century. Key Account Manager Jürgen Schauer explains how the cooperation works and why steel is quite literally not a lightweight product to work with.Read More


A pickle jar on a trip

Where do you dispose of an empty pickle jar? Right! In the bottle bank just around the corner. Glass recycling is useful and offers a direct benefit to our environment. But … why is it that? And what does that all have to do with us?Read More


The important destination for our trade port

The port of Triste is one of the largest Italian ports and due to its location also one of the most important trading harbor for Austria’s economy and for us, as we were able to increase our activities in December. Thanks to its favourable position, only Koper in Slovenia is able to compete with Trieste.Read More


New trains for freight traffic

We continue to invest in the future of freight traffic – among other things, this requires the regular renewal of our rolling stock fleet and the corresponding procurement of stock.Read More


Special type of driving test

Our apprentices started a special innovative action. Together with “die umweltberatung”, a society of the Vienna adult education centre, they got the opportunity to earn the so called “Energieführerschein”.Read More

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Behind Special Moments

Do you know our latest filmlet? You will be surprised. Because within this short film the Rail Cargo Group presents not a single cargo train, no single freight, no loading of goods or any insert with facts and figures about our company. Nonetheless the film comes up with powerful pictures.Read More

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