There is a lot going on in the world of logistics. A world, in which the Rail Cargo Group likes to take new directions, overcomes challenges and exploits opportunities. Within the category COMPETITION find out everything you need to know about our industry, the market environment in general and current trends as well as RCG´s activities in internationalization and digitization. The railway will develop rapidly in the coming years – and we shape this future together with our business partners.


Brussels up close – transport investments of the future

What MFF do we need? This was the key question in a debate on future EU-wide transport investments, which should be taken into account in the adoption of the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). Our colleague Naida Sivsic, who will be working for the Community of European Railways in Brussels until the end of March,Read More


Greater safety thanks to new technology

Freight train brakes are not only vitally important when the train is running. Even when a train is parked, the brakes must still apply their full braking effect. This is now measured by a new measuring system, directly on the brake block. New technology thereby ensures greater safety in rail freight traffic. Trust is good.Read More


Next stop: Intelligent freight wagons

Digitalisation is also finding its way into freight transport. The aim is for modern telematics and sensors to improve the operation and maintenance of freight wagons and to make rail freight traffic even safer, more efficient and more reliable overall. In this article, we explain why GPS (Global Positioning System) not only plays a majorRead More


Start of the new shuttle:
Austria-Czech Republic

Shuttles we have many. Now we start a new one. Due to the strong performance on the Czech section of the “Ferdinand Railway” between Austria and Poland, RCC-CZ can now be counted among the top five railway companies in the Czech Republic. In order to remain at the forefront, a new, innovative product was introduced inRead More


Whisper brakes

Quietly running trains Imagine being woken up abruptly in the middle of the night. The reason: a freight train thundering past. That will soon change. By the end of 2021, tourists as well as people living alongside railway lines should be significantly relieved from the noise of freight trains. That’s because freight wagons are beingRead More


MOBILER makes it happen

“Rail over road” is RCG´s motto! Thus, we support a railway campaigning project and show how container transports can be handled without a terminal – our in-house technology makes it possible.Read More

RCG Inside

5 years Rail Cargo Carrier in the Czech Republic

On 23 May 2012 the first freight train supplied with in-house traction ran in the Czech Republic. This intermodal train travelled from Trieste to the terminal in Paskov. Five years later we celebrated this anniversary by once again running a freight train along the same route.Read More

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balance of accounts 2016

We were able to close the financial year with positive results in 2016 again. The last year’s results and future targets  of  the Austrian Federal Railways have been presented by CEO Andreas Matthä and CFO Josef Halbmayr at the press conference on April 27th.Read More


A pickle jar on a trip

Where do you dispose of an empty pickle jar? Right! In the bottle bank just around the corner. Glass recycling is useful and offers a direct benefit to our environment. But … why is it that? And what does that all have to do with us?Read More


The important destination for our trade port

The port of Triste is one of the largest Italian ports and due to its location also one of the most important trading harbor for Austria’s economy and for us, as we were able to increase our activities in December. Thanks to its favourable position, only Koper in Slovenia is able to compete with Trieste.Read More

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