Maintenance knows no limits

Mobile services beyond the borders support the efficient handling of international freight traffic of the Rail Cargo Group.

In order to design a more efficient handling of international transports of the Rail Cargo Group, TS in Breclav offers mobile maintenance and repair. In particular, a better flow of loaded vehicles can be secured along this traffic corridor.

Efficient handling of international traffic

With the mobile application in Breclav, the cross-border maintenance and repair on infrasestructures of foreign railway companies in the freight car sector has now been started. Numerous questions had to be clarified: safety requirements, such as coordination with local operations, as well as legal, financial and insurance issues. Currently, seven employees are admitted to the infrastructure in Breclav, others are in training.
On the 12th of October, the Klederinger service truck left for our northern neighbors for the first time. “We are able to cover a large portfolio locally. From wheel alignment to the treatment of various components, such as buffers, suspension springs, screw couplings or unloading flaps, “says site manager Johann Oswald.

The Kledering service technicians are currently moving to the Czech Republic once a week – with an upward trend.