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Start of the new shuttle:
Austria-Czech Republic

Shuttles we have many. Now we start a new one. Due to the strong performance on the Czech section of the “Ferdinand Railway” between Austria and Poland, RCC-CZ can now be counted among the top five railway companies in the Czech Republic. In order to remain at the forefront, a new, innovative product was introduced in 2017/18 with a timetable change.

The new shuttle provides for two operational hubs – one in Bohumín-Vrbice and one in Hohenau – which are connected daily by five to six round trips. Both hubs have their own shunting reserves and wagon masters 24/7. By launching this product, RCC-CZ will offer single wagon transport services, extending the RCG range of services on the RFC5 transit corridor. The regular, fixed departure times are to ensure punctuality and reliability of the trains. It is probably one of the biggest challenges in the history of RCC-CZ. A good cooperation between ÖBB-Produktion and RCC-CZ is decisive for the success.