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A pickle jar on a trip

Where do you dispose of an empty pickle jar? Right! In the bottle bank just around the corner. Glass recycling is useful and offers a direct benefit to our environment. But … why is it that? And what does that all have to do with us?

Glass is an ideal material to be recycled infinitely many times, melted and reformed without a loss of quality and value. Glass recycling is regarded as the prototype of the economic cycle and is a model for the ecologically and economically meaningful closing of material cycles. Because using waste glass in the production of new glass packaging brings savings in CO2 emissions and energy consumption, and of substantial quantities of natural raw materials, such as sand, soda and limestone.

Austria Glass Recycling GmbH is well-known for sustainability and responsibility for more than four decades and manages the material cycle of the glass packaging of companies and private households in Austria.

Waste glass collection; seperate stays seperate
(c)Austria Glas Recycling GmbH

All well and good, but where is the RCG? 😉

A sustainable cycle includes above all the logistical management of more than 235,000 tonnes of collected and recycled glass packaging annually. And this is where we come in – as an example of green logistics.

From more than 100 central collection points or intermediate depots the collected clear and coloured glass is transported by train to three Austrian recycling plants. The collected waste glass is loaded onto conventional freight wagons at ten major collection points and is then taken in a climate-friendly way by rail to the waste glass recycling points, the glass works. Here, they manufacture new glass bottles, vials, jars, medicine bottles, etc. from waste glass.

In Pöchlarn (Lower Austria) and Köflach (Styria), the recycling process for the collected waste glass starts directly from the railway – thanks to the company’s private siding. More than 45,000 tons, or 2,080 wagon loads, move by rail to the glass industry annually for immediate processing.

The third Austrian location for glass recycling is supplied by MOBILER – our innovative transport system, which links environmentally friendly rail with the flexible road traffic. 52,000 tonnes of waste glass are transported annually in this way.

So, 235,000 tonnes of glass packagings are collected every year and transported by rail in an environmentally friendly manner for further processing and/or re-filling.

Environmentally friendly packaging: glass
(c)Austria Glas Recycling GmbH