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Alles Gute! All the best! Buona fortuna! Všechno nejlepší! Svako dobro! Vse najboljše!

We say goodbye to our RCG trainees and wish them the very best for their future.At the end of April, our international trainees successfully completed their second rotation in various divisions at the RCG headquarters in Vienna.

The results of their projects on the topics “Customer expectations on quality” and “Business potential of cool containers for the EU & Asia” were presented to colleagues from the individual specialist departments at the closing ceremony.

The projects were developed in close cooperation with RCG’s foreign subsidiaries. The trainees have experienced all stages of the project work; from the definition and specification of the project goal, through the extensive research and Analysis, to the development of models to finally derive a recommendation for the board members.

“The internationality of our trainees is extremely important to us, as we want to use this opportunity to pass on and deepen the extensive knowledge and the intensified sense of responsibility they have acquired through the trainee program in RCG’s foreign subsidiaries,” emphasizes CEO Erik Regter, and also attaches great importance to the feedback of the trainees in order to continually improve the program.

From May to August 2018, our trainees complete their third and last rotation in the respective subsidiary of their first rotation. We will continue to support our trainees and are already curious to see in which functions within the RCG they will contribute their acquired knowledge and skills after the trainee program.

In any case, we will welcome them again to our headquarters in Vienna in autumn 2018 – at the kickoff event for the next generation of international trainees. This is an ideal opportunity to further promote the exchange and the network within the RCG.

Erik Regter and the trainees (c) RCG_Brodeth