TransANT wins third place at BVL Sustainability Award

12. 04. 2019

ÖBB is the largest climate protection company in the country. Rail freight transport alone is 21 times less CO2 than trucks. The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group invests not only in the expansion of rail logistics services, but also in innovations for the sustainable promotion of rail freight transport.

Last year, the groundbreaking TransANT wagon undercarriage and superstructure was introduced to the market. With this innovation, RCG was now voted the third place in the BVL Sustainability Award of the Bundesvereinigung für Logistik.

Power from nature - for nature

But why TransANT? What do ants and freight wagons have in common? The ant has always been a symbol of diligence and work. Patience, strategy, a sense of community – the animal unites many forces in itself. Just like TransANT: with our wagon innovation, we focus specifically on lightweight construction and standardized models for our customers. The animal lifts a multiple of the own body weight, this basic idea flowed into the construction. And if you look closely, you will see that the shape of the platform wagon is similar to that of an ant. It doesn’t get any more environmentally than that.

Everybody knows sustainability

However, not everyone lives sustainability as actively as we do. By comparison, rail is already a much safer and more environmentally friendly mode of transport. In addition, the ÖBB group has been relying on renewable energies such as hydropower for a long time. For us, sustainability means safety, sustainability, customer orientation and a responsible approach to the environment.

This is also, what the BVL Sustainability Award is all about: Best practices or so-called "lighthouse projects" are awarded, which are made known to the community and provide impetus for sustainability initiatives in business and science. We think this is a good thing, which is why the Rail Cargo Group has been an active member of Bundesvereinigung für Logistik (BVL) for many years.

And now also the award winners. We won the third place with TransANT. With TransANT we are not only revolutionizing the freight car market – we are also making an active contribution to environmental protection. Attractive rail services shift more freight onto rail. Companies decide more quickly to transport their goods by environmentally friendly rail if the services offered are customer-oriented.

So don't forget: Freight transport by rail saves CO2 and protects the climate!