New Silk Road - Joint Venture of the future

15. 12. 2021

Rail Cargo Hungaria, CER Cargo Holding and RZDL Europe established a Joint Venture that will play a key role in shaping tomorrow's rail freight transport on the New Silk Road. To this end, these three strong partners are jointly developing a corridor, which will offer a number of advantages for customers. By joining forces, we are strengthening a path that connects Europe with China.

The land bridge between Europe and Asia is of enormous importance in connecting the respective economies. History has shown that trade lanes lead to prosperity, economic growth and ultimately connect people, thereby helping to bridge political divides. Together as three strong partners and with support from politics, we have built a future-oriented alliance, which will make rail transport on the New Silk Road even more attractive, by paving the way for higher freight volumes.

The establishment of a Eurasian Corridor between the Chinese/Kazakh border in Dostyk and the Ukrainian/Hungarian border in Záhony involves the setup of a production, purchasing and sales cooperation. Representatives from Rail Cargo Hungaria, a subsidiary of the Rail Cargo Group, the Hungarian CER Cargo Holding and RZDL Europe, the freight subsidiary of the Russian state railway, signed a letter of intent to start this Joint Venture. Specifically, the route via Ukraine and Hungary will be transformed into a second, major axis leading to new capacity, fast transport times and efficient onward distribution in Europe.

New Silk Road grows rapidly

According to a recent study by the UIC and the Roland Berger Institute, the future market potential for rail freight transport between Europe and Asia is promising. The forecast anticipates more than a doubling of the container volume transported by 2030. This Joint Venture will strengthen the corridor and open up many opportunities for both, railway companies and their customers.