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On two wheels from Salzburg to Trieste – RCG Bike Challenge 2018

This is the second time that 11 motivated RCG employees have taken up the challenge of cycling a distance of over 400 km.

From 31.05. to 03.06. the RCG Bike Challenge takes place this year.

This year’s route takes them from Salzburg via the Grossglockner to their destination, the port of Trieste in Italy. After four days of strong performance, the athletes will be rewarded with a guided tour through the harbour.

Cycling like professionals

To make the athletes feel like real professionals, a support team will accompany them by car to ensure good supplies and, above all, luggage transport. After the adventurous and demanding bike tour, the cyclists deserve a relaxed journey home and will return by train.

Sustainable team event

The RCG Bike Challenge took place for the first time in 2017 and led from Wolnzach (near Munich/Germany) to Vienna. Due to the great success, the fun the participants had and also the health aspect, this team event was continued. The RCG Bike Challenge is supported and sponsored by the ÖBB Gesundheitsmanagement.

Accompany the cyclists on their way and join in the excitement!


The Team

Ewald, had the idea

Ewald Zenz is head of operations at RCA and has been with us for the second time… his credo “fun with safety first”


Sebastian, realizes his plans

Sebastian Sperker is managing director at RCC and also for the second time at the Bike Challenge…his motto “I love challenges and adventures so I am part of it”


Hans, the fastest in the second row

Johann Wodaczek is head of the automotive segment at RCA and is sticking to his attitude “don’t care too much”


Joe, our motivator alias MOTJOE

Josef Eichinger, RCA OS operational management “Step by step to the summit”


Markus, the professionalist

Markus Schwaiger, RCA OS operational management “I didnt’t know, that our highest mountain is that low 😉 ”


Diego, the Vintage-Racer

Diego Licciardello, CEO RCL-IT “This challenge is a real challenge!”


Sonja, la Donna

Sonja Denk is assistant to the management at RCC “I’ve been “live” on every section of the track. It was great and I’m impressed by this great performance.”


Hannes, the Navigator

Hannes Dallinger, ÖBB PR Ressource planner “Missing Power is displaced with carbon”

Roman, the crazy horse

Roman Feiler BCC INO Storage “Racing is nice, but I miss my mountain bike”


Matteo, Mr. Downhill

Matteo Rinaldi, Safety Manager RCC-IT, “I love to cycle with our Team”







Elisabeth Fiala 3. June 201815:14

Mission accomplished. We made it and cycled about 400 km. Luckily we go home by train, to end the bike tour comfortably. We are already looking forward to next year!

Elisabeth Fiala 3. June 201815:13

At 12:00 o’clock all arrived in Trieste safe and sound, but slightly exhausted. In the rowing club we enjoyed food and drink with an Italian family. Traditionally we had pasta 😉

Elisabeth Fiala 3. June 201815:12

Elisabeth Fiala 3. June 201808:41

We have just started the last stage full of euphoria on Trieste. The Italian sun is already very strong in the morning hours. The calves and backs of most cyclists are already longing for a massage. However, yesterday we had a great dinner, so we are still talking about it today 🙂

Elisabeth Fiala 2. June 201818:36


Elisabeth Fiala 2. June 201818:36

Elisabeth Fiala 2. June 201818:35

A quick coffee at the Lago do Cavazzo until we continue to Gemona, which is Close to Udine.

Elisabeth Fiala 2. June 201818:34

Italy here we are!

Elisabeth Fiala 2. June 201808:20

Elisabeth Fiala 2. June 201808:19

Good morning! We had a pleasant night at the Gasthof Schlossberghof and enjoyed an excellent breakfast.

The second royal stage brings us over two big hills from Lienz to Udine. We have 130 km ahead of us and well, once again about 1.900 vertical meters 🙂

Luckily the weather is fine and we are glad about the bright sunshine (although the night was thundery).

Today we stay at Hotel Meditur Udine Nord until we reach our destination, the port of Trieste.

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201816:32

Done, we arrived in “the valley of tears”.

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201814:43

After four hours we have conquered the highest mountain of Austria. Now we have a refreshment in Heiligenblut before we finish the royal stage in Lienz in 40km.

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201814:41

In Heiligenblut we are rewarded with bright sunshine

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201814:40

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201814:40

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201814:39

While the others were taking a break, a wheel had to be patched quickly.

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201814:39

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201810:23

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201810:21

Foggy and a little chilly, but the effort keeps you warm

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201810:19

The support vehicle is not really faster than the cyclists

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201810:18

The first curves are accomplished!

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201810:17

Start of the street of the Großglockner, 1100 meters… the challenge starts

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201807:58

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201807:58

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:27

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:26

As breakfast was not served until 7 o’clock, we moved our planned early start at 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock. However, we really deserved a break. Yesterday we rode a few kilometres. Some already feel their bottoms 🙂 but they all started fit and in a good mood. Today, however, we have much more ahead of us. The royal stage over the Grossglockner to Lienz. That’s about 94km.

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:21

And the accompanying car is following them

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:20

There they go

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:20

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:20

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:20

Getting warm 😉

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201806:19

Elisabeth Fiala 1. June 201805:58

We just started!!

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201821:05

After waiting 40 minutes in the pizzeria because of lack of pizza dough, we went to Fleischwunderland for a late night dinner. In the low season almost everything is closed in Kaprun.

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201817:32

The weather is supposed to be thundery tomorrow afternoon, which is why we may have to leave very early tomorrow to conquer the king’s stage of the Grossglockner. Departure tomorrow is already at 05:00 o’clock! Have a nice evening, enjoy your meal and cheers!

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201817:28

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201817:25

We arrived in Kaprun at 17:05. Unfortunately it was a little bit rainy, that’s why we had to park our bikes in the ski cellar of our hotel. We are motivated for tomorrow!! Now we’ll take a quick shower to be ready for dinner.

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201817:19

First break in Taxenbach

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201811:49

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201811:48

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201811:47

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201811:47

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201811:44

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201811:44

We are on the train to Salzburg. It’s really nice to spend time with colleagues
away from work. Today we have about 80 km and 821 height meters ahead of us,
from Golling-Abtenau station to Kaprun.

Elisabeth Fiala 31. May 201808:37

Today we start. Meeting point is at 12:40 at the station forecourt in Golling-Abtenau.

The participants ravel individually. One part comes by train from Vienna, some with the
accompanying car. The Italian colleagues probably have the longest journey.
Sonja Denk is part of the crew of the accompanying car to support the cyclists.
She takes over the luggage transport and carries the necessary first aid
equipment – but the most important task is motivating the participants!