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Exchange with China

We are proud to be one of the leading international rail logistics experts. In order to further develop this position we, as employees, would like to get to know the international market and especially China very well. Therefore we not only initiate cooperations in the railway company sector but also in the educational sector.

As part of the Austrian official visit in Chengdu in April 2018, where ÖBB was represented by CEO Andreas Matthä and the two members of the board of RCG Thomas Kargl and Erik Regter, a cooperation between the Rail Cargo Group and the Chinese educational center for railwayman, the Jiaotong Southwest University of Chengdu, was initiated and a MoU was signed. This exchange has already been discussed in October 2017, when Andreas Matthä, Thomas Kargl and Erik Regter visited China the first time.

Member of the RCG-board Thomas Kargl: “The concept of “the international railwayman” leverages the employees’ curiosity for international and intercultural collaboration especially for the new markets. Thus exchanges like this one are strategically essential.”

Member of the RCG-board Erik Regter: “As a member of the board we are proud of our international open-minded employees and of our international HR-initiatives. Nevertheless, we cannot rely on those, but have to expand our initiatives target-oriented.”

“Since we aim to be successful in international markets, it requires profound knowledge in cultural aspects and the appropriate approaches”, states RCG Head of HR Peter Truhlarovsky.

As laid down in the mutually signed MoU, after the first invitation of the Chinese delegation to Vienna, an invitation to Chengdu will follow.

First Exchange in Vienna

After a meet and greet with the RCG members of the board Thomas Kargl and Erik Regter, ideas for a cooperation for training and education-purposes were discussed in a workshop. RCG colleagues of the group staff function Human Resources provided insights into their international HR development initiatives. Furthermore, the integration of our cooperation partner FH BFI Vienna was discussed.

“My goal is to encourage more international and intercultural exchanges like this one. Regarding the preparation, the program and the moderation of this exchange, I was especially impressed by the openness of the Chinese delegation to share their diverse ideas for further mutual steps”, states RCG HR-Development employee Anja Steiner.
Profound knowledge and the additional values of our RCG traffics, as well as our Austrian high quality products were transferred to the Chinese delegation.

“We steadily expand our portfolio of international HR development initiatives and will also provide further customized educational possibilities for our new RCG-markets in the future”, were the closing remarks of RCG HR-Development Head Harald Schörg.


What did the participants like?

Birgit Schmöller (Head of Employer Branding, Holding):

“I am especially happy, that we as ÖBB encourage the intercultural exchange and colleagues therefore have the opportunity to mingle with totally different cultures.”

Maximilian Bauer (Sales STEA, RCG):

“The six-person delegation of the Southwest Jiaotong University underlies the continuous internationalizing of the RCG. I am particularly pleased that I was able to address some Chinese sentences to the delegation.”

Liliya Penkova (Finance, Accounting & Controlling, RCG):

“As a Bulgarian in Austria I was able to speak about some of my intercultural experiences. The stories of the delegation broadened my horizon: Each situation can be seen from many different perspectives.”

Christian Golovescu (HR-International, RCG):

“The exchange with the Chinese colleagues was an excellent example that cultural differences do not separate us but bring us together and we can profit from each other. I am curious about the next steps.”

Naida Sivsic (Public & International Affairs, RCG):

“Within our RCG network, we plan about 400 China-Europe trains in 2018. I see it as my obligation and as an enrichment to gain more insights about the Chinese culture.”

Sebastian Weiss (Sales Automotive, RCG):

“I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know the Chinese delegation. It was very interesting, even in such a short period of time, to see how cultures differ in regards to acceptance of gifts, the lunch ceremony and generally in dealings with one another. Although there are up to 8000km between us, the atmosphere with the Chinese delegation was easygoing and humorous.”