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Wheeled power: The Shimmns

Our Shimmns type freight wagon has a sliding tarpaulin or steel cover and is mainly used for transporting steel wire coils. A material that is essential for the automotive industry, for example.Read More

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Wheeled power: The stake wagon

As the largest wood transporter in Central Europe, we carry around 200,000 loaded timber wagons a year and transport around 7 million cubic metres of logs – our stake wagons are the perfect means of transport.Read More

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Wheeled power: The open freight wagon

Our roof-less freight wagons are particularly suitable for transporting goods that are not sensitive to the weather – in our open wagons we reliably transport coal, charcoal, ore, sand, gravel, used glass, steel, scrap and wood to their destination.Read More

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Wheeled power: Start of the RCG wagon series

The Rail Cargo Group operates an impressive fleet of vehicles in order to move tons of freight. Our wagons are the basis for every transport. Do you know all the types of our freight wagons? How many own wagons does the RCG have? Hundreds? Maybe thousands? You will find out all these details in theRead More


Unlimited customer utility

The RCG is characterized by internationality. Every year we handle more than 115 million tons of goods between international metropolitan areas and the most important ports – in Europe and far beyond to Asia. The RCG covers 52 million train kilometers per year. This corresponds to 1,298 circles around the world. Read More

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Wood on track

The RCG transports products of the wood industry flexibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. With around 200,000 loaded timber wagons and 5.6 million tonnes of timber transported annually, we are the largest wood forwarder in Central Europe. This saves the environment a lot of CO2.Read More

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In time on track

The Rail Cargo Group is on the move 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on behalf of its customers. We transport approximately 83 million tonnes of goods in and through Austria every year. To ensure that the entire logistics chain runs smoothly, the ordered wagons must be where they are needed on time,Read More

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The stories of the Kings & Queens

We dedicate the summer to the stories of our customers. They are at the heart of all our activities and we handle end-to-end logistics solutions for them 365 days a year. They are our Kings & Queens, for whom we are preparing a big stage over the next months.Read More

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RCG apprentice training goes international

This article gives you an insight about our borderless apprenticeship, which has received a number of awards so far. It’s not only the technical training of our apprentices that’s important for us, but also the targeted cultivation of creativity, communication and digital understanding – according to international standards.Read More


MOBILER makes it happen

“Rail over road” is RCG´s motto! Thus, we support a railway campaigning project and show how container transports can be handled without a terminal – our in-house technology makes it possible.Read More

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Behind Special Moments

Do you know our latest filmlet? You will be surprised. Because within this short film the Rail Cargo Group presents not a single cargo train, no single freight, no loading of goods or any insert with facts and figures about our company. Nonetheless the film comes up with powerful pictures.Read More

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