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Bilk – Kapıkule
On the way from Hungary to Turkey

Have you ever wondered how freight transport works? What formalities are carried out, how many countries the train passes through on the way from Hungary to Turkey and how long it takes the train to reach its destination? Or are you even interested in having goods transported from Budapest to Istanbul?

We will show you how it works.

Come with us on a 3-day trip from Hungary via Romania and Bulgaria to Turkey.

Follow the train’s current location here – we report live about the most important events!

Elisabeth Fiala 18. May 201806:12

Merhaba türkiye! We have arrived at Kapıkule! An exciting journey of a freight train is

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201820:51

On the way we even passed a nice sight… the Endless Column of Brancusi

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201820:44

Almost there! We are finally in Turkey. At the border in Svilengrad, between Bulgaria
and Turkey, formalities will be completed until we can start our last two hours
of the journey to Kapıkule!

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201812:12

What is PZB? Get more information here.

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201812:02

Andreas Karpf, Production Service, Rail Cargo Group

I was a train driver for 10 years and today I had the opportunity to drive a Bulgarian locomotive from 1986. In this locomotive, the power output is controlled by a contactor control system. A safety drive circuit (sifa) is also part of the
technical equipment. However, no train control systems are available (such as
PZB), which means that each locomotive must be manned by two drivers.
I never thought I’d drive a Bulgarian locomotive in my career. Exciting experience!!!

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201810:31

By the way…What does “rearranged” actually mean?
We change direction and therefore have to take the
locomotive to the other end of the train. The ROLA wagon and the containers are
detached, the locomotive drives onto a siding and docks at the front.
The reason for the rotation of the train is the track system. The existing track is only straight, but we have to turn right. We drive forward and then back in our direction.

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201808:38

At the moment we are in Kaspichan (Bulgaria). Here the second supporting locomotive is detached and then the train is rearranged. Afterwards, the trip continues on a
zig-zag course to the Turkish border by avoiding tunnels that are not passable.
Estimated time of arrival in Kapikule will be around midnight.
Hence, we
are a little late.

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201806:52

We have reached Bulgaria and we are on the way to Turkey.

Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201817:38

Slowly the sun goes down and we have crossed beautiful landscapes. At 22:00 we reach Videle. Videle is still in Romania… It will take a few hours until we reach our next stop in Russe (the Bulgarian border). We won’t get there until 2:00 in the morning. Until then, we’ll sleep for a while.

Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201814:07

We have received an inquiry to visualize where our train is running (because it is a Google Maps illustration, the course is not quite exact, but the individual stations can be recognized exactly).

Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201812:10

Josef Eichinger reports live from the train:
I’m there right now and it’s a unique experience to see these different railway worlds.

To drive over the Carpathians as a qualified train driver in the driver’s cab of a Taurus and seeing that the PZB is also used in Romania as train control, is great.

It’s amazing to see that you can also talk about the business with colleagues even if you speak different languages (with your hands and feet instead 😉 )

Greetings to all colleagues from train 40705 on the way to Istanbul.


Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201808:23

We are on our way through the Carpathians. Our train is 535 meters long, weighs 1,295 tons and consists of 19 wagons. So far we have covered 441 km.
In Simeria we changed our Taurus locomotive for a Romanian diesel locomotive to go to the water tank filling and disposal site (this is necessary because a ROLA passenger car is attached to the freight car). We are now back on the road with our environmentally friendly Taurus.

Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201803:58

We just arrived in Simeria, an important railway junction in western Transylvania (Romania). From 9.00am until 5pm, the train will cross a great scenic landscape through the
Carpathian Mountains.

Elisabeth Fiala 15. May 201817:36

Soon we will arrive in Curtici, the Hungarian-Romanian border. The documents accompanying the goods are checked and the customs documents are examined. Btw…we transport car parts for Rail Cargo Operator.

At 11 pm we continue the whole night through Romania. Our next stop will be Simeria.

Elisabeth Fiala 15. May 201813:59

We depart from the BILK terminal in Budapest!

Our Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK is a leading combined transport terminal in Hungary,
acting as a hub between Eastern and Western Europe. The widespread network of
block trains enables fast customer service and complex services. Here the train
is loaded and assembled for its 3-day journey.

Elisabeth Fiala 15. May 201812:35

The train is being loaded…. not even 1,5 hours until departure!