The RCG at the logitrans Istanbul

The logitrans has become the leading trade fair along the entire value chain in the fields of logistics, telematics and transport in the Eurasian region with 13,700 participants from more than 50 countries and 150 exhibitors from 24 countries.Read More


The RCG at the first China International Import Expo

The business between China and Europe is booming. Around 4,000 trains a year travel between Europe and Asia with goods such as construction machinery, consumer goods and clothing. The Rail Cargo Group handled around 400 of these trains in 2018. Reason enough to present our expertise and portfolio at the China International Import Expo (CIIE)Read More


Facts: China in the spotlight

Meanwhile our freight trains regularly connect China with Europe and need about 14 days for the transport via the New Silk Road. That’s why we’ve compiled 14 exciting facts about China that explain, among other things, what the Chinese alphabet is all about, why China is also called “The Middle Kingdom” or why exactly fiveRead More


Freight traffic on quiet soles

Did you know that freight trains are just as loud as trucks? Both have a sound level of 90 dB (decibels). The pain wave, i.e. the noise level considered hazardous to health, is between 120 and 130 dB. Nevertheless, the noise generated by freight trains is often particularly disturbing for people living near railway lines.Read More


Container gate to the world – Wolfurt reloaded

Terminal Wolfurt is the central logistics hub for transhipment traffic in conventional wagonload traffic and for combined transport.  The expansion of the freight centre into an international hub not only benefits the Vorarlberg economy and the Lake Constance region.Read More

RCG Inside

Wheeled power: The Shimmns

Our Shimmns type freight wagon has a sliding tarpaulin or steel cover and is mainly used for transporting steel wire coils. A material that is essential for the automotive industry, for example.Read More

RCG Inside

Wheeled power: The stake wagon

As the largest wood transporter in Central Europe, we carry around 200,000 loaded timber wagons a year and transport around 7 million cubic metres of logs – our stake wagons are the perfect means of transport.Read More

RCG Inside

Railways simply explained: Special transport

Not only raw materials, cars or car parts, wood, steel, agricultural and chemical products travel by train – no, 30-tonne special cranes, 120 metre long rails, entire metro trains, giant steam generators or turbines are also transported by rail from A to B. But what types of shipment are actually suitable for transporting by railRead More

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