Not only products and innovations reflect ACTION, but also our direct contribution to sustainability as well as background information and technical facts around the service activities of the Rail Cargo Group – you can expect all this and much more here. We are developing constantly and would like to invite you to take this exciting journey with us.

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Wheeled power: The Shimmns

Our Shimmns type freight wagon has a sliding tarpaulin or steel cover and is mainly used for transporting steel wire coils. A material that is essential for the automotive industry, for example.Read More

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Wheeled power: The stake wagon

As the largest wood transporter in Central Europe, we carry around 200,000 loaded timber wagons a year and transport around 7 million cubic metres of logs – our stake wagons are the perfect means of transport.Read More

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Railways simply explained: Special transport

Not only raw materials, cars or car parts, wood, steel, agricultural and chemical products travel by train – no, 30-tonne special cranes, 120 metre long rails, entire metro trains, giant steam generators or turbines are also transported by rail from A to B. But what types of shipment are actually suitable for transporting by railRead More

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Wheeled power: The open freight wagon

Our roof-less freight wagons are particularly suitable for transporting goods that are not sensitive to the weather – in our open wagons we reliably transport coal, charcoal, ore, sand, gravel, used glass, steel, scrap and wood to their destination.Read More

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Railways simply explained: Shunting

No trains can run without shunting. Every train is created through shunting. Find out why, how and where the trains are formed and what conditions wagons must be in in order to get them from the railway yard and onto the tracks.Read More

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Wheeled power: Start of the RCG wagon series

The Rail Cargo Group operates an impressive fleet of vehicles in order to move tons of freight. Our wagons are the basis for every transport. Do you know all the types of our freight wagons? How many own wagons does the RCG have? Hundreds? Maybe thousands? You will find out all these details in theRead More

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The RCG at the InnoTrans 2018

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is once again represented at the InnoTrans this year. The InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology, which takes place every two years in Berlin and is divided into five segments: Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction.Read More


No mean feat

In the steelworks, they become what they are. They’re installed all over the world. When they’re transported, sometimes even the most hard-boiled railway expert is left breathless. A spectacle you don’t get to see every day.Read More

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Boxstop for our Taurus-locomotive

Traction vehicles also have to get maintained on a regular basis and it is quite a feat when a Taurus weighing almost 90 tons, the bull among the ÖBB locomotives, has to change wheels. This is essential in order to make rail freight transport safe, reliable and efficient.Read More


Wood is traveling environmentally friendly on rails

From the tree trunk to the diverse materials to bio-fuel. It is impossible to imagine life without wood. Before this sustainable material can be processed in a wide variety of forms, it usually has to travel – more and more often in an environmentally friendly way by rail .Read More


An entire circus takes the train

The much loved, famous Circus Roncalli is on tour again, making the eyes of young and old light up with delight. The circus company, based in Germany, relies on the tailor-made carrier and logistics services of the Rail Cargo Group for the transport of 1,200 tons of circus equipment by rail.Read More

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