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Christmas angel on the way

The world’s largest annual gift campaign, “Christmas in a shoebox”, is an annual occasion for the Rail Cargo Group and its employees to do good. Year after year, boxes are filled with toys for the little ones, packed and brought directly to children in need. The aim of this year’s campaign: Vilmány, a small town in Hungary.

“Christmas in a Shoebox” is the world’s largest humanitarian gift campaign for children in need. Children who live in bad conditions are given a little joy and hope. Our employees also take an active part year after year, lacing over a hundred boxes each year for a good cause. Shoe boxes were filled with gifts for girls and boys of kindergarten and elementary school age, provided with a nice personal Christmas greeting and wrapped in wrapping paper. And a piece of Christmas was finished, which conjured a radiance into the children’s eyes. Even the smallest ones helped. Many of our employees’ children bought toys and sweets from their pocket money, which they then packed into the boxes. The RCG employees were very busy again this year. So a new record of 140 packages could be achieved.

140 boxes in the car. (c) RCG_Mark

How and where do the shoe boxes get to?

RCG employee Judit Juhász has been involved for years in her spare time free of charge for this campaign and brings all the gifts to their destination – where they give a little joy and hope. On 13 December 2018, Judit slipped into the role of Santa Claus and drove to Vilmány in a van full of presents. Vilmány is a small village in eastern Hungary and with its approx. 1,400 inhabitants is one of the poorest places in Hungary. The next day she distributed the many gift boxes to the children in the kindergarten, preschool and elementary schools. As a thank-you there were warm hugs, shiny children’s eyes and smiling faces.

Judit Juhász with the children. (c) RCG