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Welcome to the blog of the Rail Cargo Group.

Have you ever wondered what is behind rail freight traffic? What trends and innovations there are in this area and whether it is actually possible to connect the whole world by rail?There is a lot going on in the world of logistics. A world, in which the Rail Cargo Group is not afraid to break new ground and successfully overcomes challenges and exploits opportunities.

We write about rail.

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we explore topics such as sustainability, innovations, services and products of the Rail Cargo Group and provide insights into the company and its numerous jobs.

Join us and look behind the scenes of rail freight traffic with us.

Our bloggers are looking forward to interesting discussions and will gladly answer your questions about RCG topics. In addition to our blogger team, several more experts also write about the transport and freight traffic industry for our blog.

Daniela Dallinger
loves traveling and writes about people and personalities as well as events and awards.

Christian Mikula
is the passionate father of a little daughter and an expert in innovation, trends and digitalisation.

Brigitte Hafner
is an enthusiastic blogger also in her leisure time and writes about the products and services of the RCG.

Katharina Lehmann-Kaschel
attaches great importance to environmental protection and healthy nutrition and reports on sustainability, projects and cooperations.

Elisabeth Fiala
is responsible for the editorial content of the blog and provides insights into and around the Rail Cargo Group with live blogs and reports.

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Rail Cargo Group

The freight division of Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), that links trade routes from/in Europe to Asia.

With 8,700 employees, subsidiaries throughout Europe and an annual turnover of 2.2 billion euros, the Rail Cargo Group ranks among Europe’s leading rail logistics companies.