Facts & Figures

Wonders of the world

In a single year, Rail Cargo Group moves over 109 million tonnes by rail, all across Europe. Expressed in terms of world-famous monuments, that represents the equivalent of 1,000 Vienna Ferris Wheels, 400 Eiffel Towers, 200 Berlin TV Towers, 100 Empire State Buildings and 10 Great Pyramids of Giza.

All the way around the world

In carrying goods to their destinations all over Europe, Rail Cargo Group covers over 46 million train kilometres ever year – the equivalent of 1,155 times the circumference of the globe.


Climate-compatible mobility

Every year, we move over 82 million tonnes of goods into and across Austria. Sending freight by rail avoids one million tonnes in CO2 emissions annually. As well as protecting the planet, this avoids a queue of HGVs which, if laid end-to-end, would stretch twice around the earth!

One dispatched every minute

Rail Cargo Group runs over 511,743 trains every year. That equates to one train setting off en route to one of our customers every minute.