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Hello 2019! Hello Noah’s Train!

We hope you all started the new year as well as we did! The year 2019 will be exciting, just as exciting as last year.

We already announced Noah’s Train in December. There are also a long article and lots of photos on the blog!

On 14 January Noah’s Train, the longest mobile artwork for climate protection, leaves Vienna! The month of January will therefore be dedicated to the Rail Freight Forward coalition, the modal shift and sustainability.

After all, there is still a lot to know about the topic and we will close all still existing knowledge gaps with our Noah’s Train-Knowledge series. Stay tuned!

Spot the train!

Support us and cheer on the train on its way. Use #NoahsTrain and tag @railfreightforward on Instagram and follow the train on its journey!


What do we want to achieve?

A modal shift towards 30% rail freight by 2030 to prevent the negative effects of transport growth.

(c) RCGlossary expression #13

What would a constant modal split lead to?

With a constant modal split, an additional 570 billion ton-km will have to be transported on the road, which means 1 million additional trucks on EU’s roads!

Why is Rail Freight Transport so much better?

Rail freight has a 6x lower specific energy consumption per ton-km than road, mainly because of the lower friction and the lower air resistance.

Road has 6x higher external costs that rail.

Why doesn’t have Rail Freight Transport a higher modal share already?

This is the number of pages of requirements/regulations for operating freight trains, compared to sea cargo and road freight traffic.

Rail freight needs standardized rules: Driving a train must finally be as easy as driving a truck.

European rail freight is heavily lagging in terms of infrastructure parameters! But we depend on the authorities‘ support.

What does it need to achieve the modal shift?


Elisabeth Fiala 4. January 201912:26

Elisabeth Fiala 4. January 201907:39

Elisabeth Fiala 3. January 201915:40

Preparations of Noah’s Train in Katowice, Poland, before it left on the 14th of December.

Elisabeth Fiala 3. January 201914:50