Rail Cargo Blog - Newsfeed https://blog.railcargo.com Das ist der Newsfeed des Rail Cargo Blog. Revolution in freight transport: We are part of the DAC4EU consortium to test out Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/dak-revolution-im-gueterverkehr <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/DAK_c_DB-AG-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1597134108565&scale=0.5" alt="A pioneering innovation is in the pipeline with Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC). This new technology lays the foundation for the automation and digitalisation of rail freight transport in Europe and represents a significant step towards increasing its attractiveness and productivity. The consortium got to work in June 2020. Trains all across Europe are to be equipped with the new technology by 2030. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) Innovation Thursday, 13 Aug 2020 09:57 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/dak-revolution-im-gueterverkehr Our contribution to a green RCG: Recycling waste materials https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/werkstoffe-recyceln <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/plastikflaschen-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1597146741034&scale=0.5" alt="&ldquo;Every step we take to make our lives more environmentally friendly helps our world.&rdquo; &ndash; Rail Cargo Group staff like Albina Starkova and Alexey Chuntomov big a big emphasis on living sustainably. &ndash; both at home and at work. In our &ldquo;Green RCG series&rdquo;, we are showing you how staff at the Rail Cargo Group are making an active contribution to protecting the climate. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) Sustainability Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020 09:00 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/werkstoffe-recyceln Now online: The ROLA CO2 Ticker https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/co2-ticker-rola <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/ROLA-LKW-mit-Autos-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1568807627760&scale=0.5" alt="In 2019, we transported more than 151,000 trucks by rail with the Rolling Road (ROLA), this makes us save up to 250.4 kg CO2 per ROLA journey. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Elisabeth Fiala) Sustainability Monday, 03 Aug 2020 09:44 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/co2-ticker-rola 20 years of apprenticeship in the RCG - Patrick Gamsjäger gives a review with outlook https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/20-jahre-lehre-lehrling-patrick <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Patrick-Gamsjäger_Lokführer-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1595839233961&scale=0.5" alt="In the course of our anniversary, we are bringing those colleagues into the spotlight who have made the 20 years of apprenticeship at RCG to what it is today - a joint success project. Alternating between existing and former apprentices and trainers, we will give an insight into their everyday life, talk about their motives for doing an apprenticeship at RCG and look into the future of the next 20 years at RCG. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Monday, 27 Jul 2020 10:40 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/20-jahre-lehre-lehrling-patrick Living safety as part of our annual emergency drill https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/notfalluebung <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Notfallübung-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1595335196808&scale=0.5" alt="Our annual Rail Cargo Carrier - Germany emergency drill took place on 18th July as part of our emergency management procedures. Various deployment scenarios were dealt with, employees received training and experiences were shared during this exercise. As emergency operations are usually irregular and only occur sporadically across regions, this training was also used to bring all of our emergency helpers to the same level of knowledge and to practise different types of emergency operation scenarios. Everyone was able to benefit from the experience of the 30 participants. Let&#39;s take a look behind the scenes: " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Tuesday, 21 Jul 2020 02:11 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/notfalluebung Cutting down on CO2 can only be done together https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/CO2-einsparen-geht-nur-gemeinsam- <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/ROLA-Lok-Umwelt-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1594709883929&scale=0.5" alt="CO2 emissions and harmful exhaust fumes are probably the first things that come to mind when most of us hear the word transport. However, environmentally friendly rail transport reduces CO2 emissions. This means every tonne transported by rail instead of by road cuts down on the amount of CO2 that gets pumped into the air. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Christina Dürr) Sustainability Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020 08:57 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/CO2-einsparen-geht-nur-gemeinsam- 20 years of apprenticeship: 600 apprentices in 20 years https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/20-jahre-lehre <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Foto-RCG-Lehrlingsfolder-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1592986524375&scale=0.5" alt="We&rsquo;re celebrating 20 years of RCG apprenticeships and proudly present the people who make it what it is today. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Tuesday, 07 Jul 2020 10:35 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/20-jahre-lehre Our up-and-coming train drivers https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/nachwuchs-bei-triebfahrzeugfuehrerinnen <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Lok-Lokführer-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1593502035495&scale=0.5" alt="The Rail Cargo Group&rsquo;s extensive service portfolio and exceptional fleet of traction vehicles make for a colourful spectrum of services that our staff provide. Our train drivers have a very special part to play. They are the ones who bring our customers&rsquo; goods from A to B safely and on time. And we&rsquo;ve got 28 new up-and-coming engine drivers on board. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Brigitte Hafner) RCG Inside Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020 09:26 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/nachwuchs-bei-triebfahrzeugfuehrerinnen #RCG Encouragement https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/rcg-encouragement <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Containershooting-mit-CEOs-backbone-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1593682283354&scale=0.5" alt="Climate change, COVID-19, the economic slump &hellip; our world is changing at breakneck speed. Rail freight transport is the solution to many of the challenges we are facing right now.&nbsp; " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 12:30 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/rcg-encouragement Croatia: transit country with the holiday feeling https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/laenderportrait-kroatien <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Dubrovnik-Kroatien-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1592397847368&scale=0.5" alt="Picturesque coasts, fascinating cities and lots of hearty food. Every year more than 10 million tourists visit the land of 1000 islands. In addition, the pan-European Transport Corridor X runs through Croatia and connects Central and south-eastern Europe with the Middle East. The Balkan Peninsula is therefore not only interesting for tourists, but also for &Ouml;BB Rail Cargo Group&#39;s rail freight traffic. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Christina Dürr) International Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 02:40 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/laenderportrait-kroatien Why the DAC is essential for the future of rail freight transport and for freight wagon keepers https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/gastautor-gilles-peterhans <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/DAK-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1591790284678&scale=0.5" alt="Guest author: Gilles Peterhans,&nbsp;Secretary General at International Union of Wagon Keepers (UIP) " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Gilles Peterhans) Innovation Wednesday, 10 Jun 2020 01:53 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/gastautor-gilles-peterhans Our contribution to World Environment Day https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/tag-der-umwelt <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Schiene-in-Umwelt-Payr-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1562918655186&scale=0.5" alt="Every single load of freight on the rails helps the climate and makes an important contribution to protecting the environment. We use the EcoTranIT tool to work out how much our transport services contribute to protecting the environment. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) Sustainability Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020 08:39 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/tag-der-umwelt More than convinced by the railway https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/kings-and-queens-dunaferr <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/RCH-Dunaferr-Stahl-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1590577554559&scale=0.5" alt="Steel products require consistently high quality and reliability - without compromise. And that at all levels. Whether in the mining of raw materials for the manufacture of high-tech products, or in the field of logistics, in the planning of technologically mature logistics solutions. For this reason, Hungary&#39;s steel giant has been relying on rail transport safety and thus on the Rail Cargo Group for decades. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Brigitte Hafner) Product & Service Wednesday, 27 May 2020 01:03 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/kings-and-queens-dunaferr Transport of goods in containers by rail, road, ship, etc. - this is intermodality https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/container-transport <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Green-Logistics-Container-3-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1558964660880&scale=0.5" alt="Consumer goods, automotive goods, chemicals, steel, wood and paper - there are hardly any limitations to the Europe-wide transport of goods in containers.&nbsp; " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Elisabeth Fiala) Product & Service Thursday, 14 May 2020 12:49 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/container-transport Rapeseed oil on the rails: RCG and FESCO make it happen https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/kings-and-queens-fesco <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/RCG-Russia-and-FESCO-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1589194992340&scale=0.5" alt="The Chinese market is one of the most up-and-coming when it comes to the export of Russian goods, especially food. Comprehensive logistics packages with end-to-end logistics solutions are therefore becoming increasingly significant for the Chinese market. Two strong logistics partners have now launched a logistics concept for rapeseed oil deliveries by rail. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Brigitte Hafner) Product & Service Monday, 11 May 2020 01:02 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/kings-and-queens-fesco New Silk Road revival or silence before the storm? https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/gastautorin-majorie-van-leijen <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Seidenstraße-Karte-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1548229390611&scale=0.5" alt="Guest author:&nbsp;Majorie van Leijen, Editor-in-Chief RailFreight.com There is something strange going on in the world of logistics and its analysts. They just cannot seem to agree. &lsquo;The New Silk Road is facing its hardest challenge since the beginning&rsquo; is combined with messages such as &lsquo;these are golden times for Eurasian rail&rsquo; or &lsquo;we are witnessing a boost in cargo volumes&rsquo;. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Majorie van Leijen) International Wednesday, 06 May 2020 10:19 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/gastautorin-majorie-van-leijen Despite or just because of Corona we are fully on course for digitalisation https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/digitalisierung-durch-corona <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Digitalisierung-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1579165932467&scale=0.5" alt="Although the Corona crisis will keep the world on suspense for a while, it also has something positive for us: it has brought us a significant step forward regarding digitalization and in remote working with employees, customers and partners. The blindfolds have dropped. Digital work is successful. What&#39;s more: digitization forces us to break new ground, it navigates us through the crisis and far beyond into a hopefully stable future. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Brigitte Hafner) Innovation Thursday, 30 Apr 2020 09:40 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/digitalisierung-durch-corona 10 facts that show rail transport is on the right climate track https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/schiene-auf-klimakurs <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Taurus-Lok-Blumen-Umwelt-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1587637953695&scale=0.5" alt="We firmly expect that mobility and freight transport will ramp up again once the corona crisis has passed. If transport of the future traffic becomes much more climate-friendly and healthier, then we air quality will improve, noise pollution from traffic will decrease and we will have fewer traffic jams, whilst at the same time much greater mobility than today. Rail freight transport plays a key role in achieving European climate and environmental goals. These 10 reasons demonstrate the advantages of rail transport: " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) Sustainability Thursday, 23 Apr 2020 12:27 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/schiene-auf-klimakurs Health protection is our top priority https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/mitarbeiterinnenschutz <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Mitarbeiter-Arbeiter-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1587380696241&scale=0.5" alt="Even though some of the restrictions have been lifted, we remain totally committed to protecting the health of our staff and everyone involved in our operations. What are we doing to protect our staff? " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Monday, 20 Apr 2020 01:01 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/mitarbeiterinnenschutz Consumer goods on the rails https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/consumer-goods <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Tomaten-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1585897291800&scale=0.5" alt="We are transporting an increasing amount of consumer goods so that we can help secure commercial supplies on a national and an international scale. The past few days have seen more and more salt, toilet paper, coffee, tomato-based goods, as well as organic ethanol, which is used to produce disinfectants, leaving their production sites by rail. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) Product & Service Friday, 03 Apr 2020 08:59 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/consumer-goods THANK YOU #TeamRCG https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/danke-team-rcg <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/TEAM-RCG2-2280x1100.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1585638187458&scale=0.5" alt="The fact that we can keep the international flow of goods moving and make sure supplies get delivered is down to our amazing team. They are doing a really incredible job during these difficult times. We cannot thank you enough for everything you&rsquo;re doing right now! " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Elisabeth Fiala) RCG Inside Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020 08:57 (CEST) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/danke-team-rcg 9 reasons why rail freight transport is so important right now https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/9-gruende-auf-der-schiene-zu-transportieren <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Gleis-Schiene-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1574849983377&scale=0.5" alt="Coronavirus is putting us all to the test, on a personal and on a professional level. The Rail Cargo Group and our staff are under pressure right now too. As the largest logistics company in Austria, it is our responsibility to secure supplies for the public and the economy. Here are 9 huge advantages of rail freight transport in times like these. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) Product & Service Friday, 20 Mar 2020 01:37 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/9-gruende-auf-der-schiene-zu-transportieren Single wagon transport https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/einzelwagenverkehr <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Einzelwagenverkehr-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1584021695445&scale=0.5" alt="Do you know what single wagon transport is and what role it plays in Austria? Why they are critical for success in terms of the market share of rail and what challenges they face - all this will be revealed in the following article. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Thursday, 12 Mar 2020 02:51 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/einzelwagenverkehr Bosnia and Herzegovina: Transport country in the Western Balkans https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/laenderportrait-bosnien <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Bosnien-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1583330774627&scale=0.5" alt="As a traditional transport country, Bosnia and Herzegovina scores above all with its central location, beautiful landscapes and robust economy.&nbsp; In 2018, exports totalled 6.08 billion Euros. The &Ouml;BB Rail Cargo Group also taps into the country&rsquo;s economic potential and has its own subsidiary in Sarajevo with 50 employees. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Christina Dürr) International Wednesday, 04 Mar 2020 02:51 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/laenderportrait-bosnien Industrial sidings https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/anschlussbahnen <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Anschlussbahn-Spital-am-Pyhrn-(c)Bernegger-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1582188093359&scale=0.5" alt="Do you know what industrial sidings are needed for? Do you know how they help make freight transport more efficient and what significance they have for environmentally friendly transport policies? " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Alina Huster) RCG Inside Thursday, 20 Feb 2020 09:19 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/anschlussbahnen Port of Trieste: Logistics hub of the Adriatic Sea https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/hafen-triest <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Hafen-Triest-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1581498212404&scale=0.5" alt="The Port of Trieste celebrated its 300th anniversary last year. This Mediterranean Sea port is of great importance for Austria, not just in terms of its history. For the &Ouml;BB Rail Cargo Group, it is particularly important with regards to transports to the Far East. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Christina Dürr) International Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 09:55 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/hafen-triest Agility is accelerating the innovation motor at the Rail Cargo Group https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/agiles-arbeiten <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/Digitalisierung-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1579165932467&scale=0.5" alt="Everybody is talking about agility, but what is it exactly? The Rail Cargo Group is applying agile working methods to digital innovations. Digitalization is making inroads in the freight transport industry, and in this is going to apply to every step of the booking process, from enquiries through to invoicing. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Werner Reiter) Innovation Tuesday, 04 Feb 2020 10:09 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/agiles-arbeiten What does condition-based maintenance mean? https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/condition-based-maintanance <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-1900/Lokwartung-Linz-©-Wolfgang-Spitzbart-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1578993569106&scale=0.5" alt="Rail vehicles are like cars: they have to be taken to the workshop where certain maintenance and repair work is carried out and spare parts are exchanged after a certain number of kilometres. The Rail Cargo Group relies entirely on condition-based maintenance in order to optimise these steps. What this means in detail and how optimum maintenance actually works is explained in the following article. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Roland Steinberger) RCG Inside Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020 10:19 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/condition-based-maintanance Safe with ROLA https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/sicher-mit-rola <img src="https://www.oebb.at/thumbnails/blog.railcargo.com/.imaging/default/dam/blog/Bildformat-2280x1100/ROLA-Fahrer-2280.jpg/jcr:content.jpg?t=1565075877961&scale=0.5" alt="When trucks are travelling piggybacked on the Rolling Road (ROLA), keeping the roads clear and thus protecting the environment, some safety regulations need to be taken into consideration. We are going to show you what these are in a short video in which we have summarised the individual procedures and steps in a straightforward way. So that everything runs smoothly - for our customers and for us. " /> kommunikation@railcargo.com (Brigitte Hafner) Product & Service Monday, 27 Jan 2020 10:06 (CET) https://blog.railcargo.com/en/artikel/sicher-mit-rola