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Onboarding @Rail Cargo Group

The RCG is a versatile company that also needs versatile, dynamic employees. Not every beginning must be difficult. Our onboarding event ensures an easy start.

Onboarding – for social and professional integration

We attach great importance to a successful onboarding. In order to facilitate the understanding of the complexity of the RCG for new employees, several concepts and events such as the buddy concept, welcome packages and welcome days were introduced as part of the T4C (Trans4Cargo) “Generation Management” project.

Welcome Days NEW

New employees receive a comprehensive insight into the company. Various experts from different generations present different parts of the RCG during the two-day long event. The focus is on cross-functional cooperation and creative, future-oriented thinking. In order to use the “visions of the newcomers” and to promote agility, we use collaborative prototyping according to the design-thinking format. In this way, we make use of their great commitment right from the start and give additional space to the transfer of knowledge.

The program includes a variety of topics around the RCG:

  • How does railway work?
  • Organizational structure including process insight of the new control logic
  • RCG’s strategy and business model
  • New business models
  • Digitization and Trans4Cargo (T4C)
  • Connections from Controlling/Finance across the companies
  • Prototyping according to the design-thinking format about the visions for the Company