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Our apprentice are on the move throughout Europe

RCG-Europe weeks for our apprentice in four international places.


Prague. Selfie from Vanessa Rinnerbauer and Clemens Pohanka on their way to Prague und their new work station at RCO-CSKD (c)RCG_Vanessa Rinnerbauer

Our internationalization is moving forward. In the same dimension the need of internationalization of education for our junior is developing as well. That’s the reason our apprentice instructor team, leaded by Franz Heißenberger, started the RCG Europe weeks ins 2013. These are international interships for our apprentices in the freight forwarding business. The apprentices may work together with our international colleagues in different places for four weeks. This project is grant-aided by the EU- support program Erasmus+ and IFA – an organisation specialiced to qualified employees change of the Austrian Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry.


Frankfurt. Lisa Martinsich (l.) and Julia Stipic are welcomed by Michael Sordo at Frankfurt/Main Central Station. (c)RCG_Werner Lettau

Frankfurt/Main, Budapest, Zagreb und Prague

After a short application in the summer, the kick-off started in October and November. The apprentices have been sent from Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Villach to their special adventure. Julia Stipic and Lisa Martinsich from Vienna moved to Rail Cargo Logistics – Germany in Frankfurt/Main. Marco Lüftner and Thomas Oberascher from Salzburg drove to Rail Cargo Hungaria in Budapest. Nadine Freidl from Graz and Katharina Galler from Villach travelled to Rail Cargo Logistics – Croatia in Zagreb as well as Vanessa Rinnerbauer and Clemens Pohanka from Vienna rode to Rail Cargo Operator – CSKD in Prague.


Zagreb. Katharina Galler and Nadine Freidl smiled at their arrival in Zagreb and rounded by their colleques at RCL-CR (c)RCG_Nadine Freidl

The view veyond the horizin

During the internship, our apprentices received a lot of impressions. They have been abroad for a longer period for their first time and on their own. The got to know how it’s like to work in an international environment and benefit by seeing the most important places, as well as hidden cultural corners.

Instead of being doubtful and worried about unknown terrain, being active and study curiously as well as joyfully is the greatest profit for our apprentices.
Back in Austria they can incorporate their experiences to their daily routine and use it for personal benefit.
Nadine Freidl says:

„It is an anvantage of having an international intership in your CV.“

The program will be extended this year, including new destinations.


Hungary. Thomas Oberascher and Marco Lüftner full of expectation at their arrival in Budapest (c)RCG_Thomas Oberascher