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RCG Inside - Erik Regter

Our board members roll up their sleeves and join in

What is a  board member doing all day long? And does he know what his employees are doing? Our board members do know!

They were out and about a whole day. Not only looking over our colleagues’ shoulders, but roll up their sleeves and join in.

Erik Regter did his “change of perspective” at the scheduling at the fright terminal vienna:

So he took part at the operative implementation of the management’s acquired plans. He checked and disposed container and loading units, loaded freight trains and screened every step carefully. This expanded his view of the operative freight traffic and strengthened the corporate feeling.

„The management can consider and project plans as well as making desicions, but at the end of the day the point is to bring it on the ground – or better on tracks – togehter. “ says Erik Regter

How can you imagine? Have a look: (in german)