Services & Innovation

Efficient and competitive rail transport companies are the prerequisites for coping with the increasing need for mobility – in both passenger and freight transport. Our goal is to become pioneer in customer satisfaction, profitability and as an attractive employer.

Innovation creates a competitive edge

Every industry and every customer has specific logistics requirements. With the know-how of more than 8,260 experts and the use of innovative transport technologies, we implement future-oriented and individual logistics and transportation solutions from a single source – right where they are needed! We have the competence to keep the industrial engine running with a seamless supply. Together with our customers we develop industry-specific, tailor-made rail logistics solutions for all industries.

Mobility with a system

Whether it is the transport to Turkey or to and from the main ports and terminals – as a strong partner of the international logistics industry the Rail Cargo Group is already playing a leading role.

Through customized logistics and transport solutions, we are helping to strengthen the importance of the railway as a transport mode. For heavy goods over long distances, we create attractive high-frequency long distance connections to the business centers of North Western and South Eastern Europe.


Competitive advantage by international in-house production

The Rail Cargo Group is the leading rail logistics provider in Austria and Hungary. With a nationwide production network we tap into the markets in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe for you, accompany you into growing markets such as Russia or Turkey – and far beyond.

In our target markets, Rail Cargo Carrier has own freight railways via which we can ensure a continuous, high-quality international production. With our own modern traction units and motivated employees we operate trains from for example Germany to Turkey or the Czech Republic to Italy.