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The Rail Cargo Group in figures

What do we move (for you)? Here you can find several figures, data and facts about our company and the freight that we transport.

8,400 employees embody a new generation of logistics. At our company, they combine competence with passion and develop customised rail logistics solutions all over Europe.


Every year, we cover so many train kilometres that…

To do so, of course, we also need many trains. So how many trains do we operate per minute?

To move these trains, we also need locomotives. Our fleet of locomotives consists of:

Our international network provides ideal circumstances for rail freight logistics in Europe and beyond. Whether with single wagon loads, large containers or block trains – you will find us right where you need us. You can benefit from the excellent networking in Europe and the rail connection to the most significant ports and terminals around the clock (24 hours), every day (365 days) and at any time of year.


109 million tonnes of freight are comparable with:

These millions of tonnes of freight/Ferris wheels/Eiffel Towers/TV towers/Empire State Buildings/pyramids are transported with our own freight trains every year between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea – naturally, in an environmentally friendly way by rail!

This saves… ⬇

In Austria, we contribute significantly to the railway’s modal market share of over 30%. We help to protect the environment with every tonne transported by rail, because rail freight transport burdens the environment with 20 times less CO2 than road freight transport. However the Rail Cargo Group is not only green in Austria. 64% of our entire transport volume is already handled in cross-border transport.


What visions are possible for saving CO2?

You can find more figures, data and facts online in our folder.