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The RCG at the InnoTrans 2018

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is once again represented at the InnoTrans this year. The InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology, which takes place every two years in Berlin and is divided into five segments: Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction.

This time the ÖBB will be attending with a large stand and its subsidiaries present their projects, as well as the very special highlight of the freight traffic, that will be exhibited on site and is waiting for you to see and touch it: the TransANT.

Take a look with us behind the scenes from day 1 and check out the Berlin Transport and Logistics fair, that even has a track and an outdoor area of 3,500 metres of rails.

But first of all.

Who is actually standing behind of what you are reading here?

Yes, it’s the Marketing, Communications & International Affairs (MCI) team of the RCG!

On the way to the InnoTrans, we want to take the time to briefly introduce ourselves.

This is us.

Daniela Lehenbauer, Michael Winter, Vanyen Pham, Eszter Szabadfy, Anna Wolowski and Elisabeth Fiala (c) RCG

A part of the Marketing, Communications and International Affairs team.

What are we doing?

We communicate, promote and advertise for and by the ÖBB RCG.


Michael – our Head. Responsible that everything is running on track. Daniela – organizer and driving force. (c) RCG


Vanyen & Eszter – Events. Organize everything that needs to be shown and celebrated. (c) RCG


Elisabeth – Social Media. Communicates for the online community. Anna – Editing & Production. Created the videos for TransANT. (c) RCG

We are on our way! Above the clouds we are excited about the fair and the many interested visitors.

Above the clouds on the way to Berlin (c) RCG

Day 1:

Today is the last day of preparations.

After the landing we head directly to the fair to set up the stand.

Our stand is located in City Cube, Halle B and the TransANT on track 8.

Before everything starts tomorrow, we start with the finishing touches to our stand. We clean, assemble the tarpaulin, decorate, finish give-aways and solve all kinds of unforeseen problems.

For the first visitors tomorrow, everything has to be ready soon.


Hanging up the TransANT on our stand:

(c) RCG

Day 2:

Today is the day. After building up the whole night – yesterday at 19.00 o’clock nobody could believe that the fair will take place here today – we started successfully.

Our stand is full and the first interested people have already arrived.

Questions about our TransANT will be gladly answered by us.

See how to get to track 8 and get an impression of the size of the Innotrans area.

Our stand:

The TransANT:

Impressions of the fair:

The Vectron:


Today we were also pleased to welcome the Polish delegation and present the TransANT:


Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB-Holding AG visiting the TransANT.


Thomas Kargl, member of the board of the RCG, was also here to take a look at the TransANT.


At the end of the successful exhibition day, we had a nice get-together with ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä and the RCG board members Erik Regter and Thomas Kargl.


We proudly present: our inspiration, the ant



Day 3:

Today is the day of the press conference. Our board members Clemens Först, Thomas Kargl and Erik Regter, as well as the press and countless visitors are at the TransANT.

Clemens Först, spokesman of RCG and Philipp Herincs of ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH talk about the development of the TransANT, the importance for the freight traffic and the successful breakthrough.


Feedback of our visitors

Of course we were interested in what our visitors are thinking about the TransANT – here is the great Feedback we got:

Stefanie Simonetti, Key Account Manager at GATX

Stefanie Simonetti (c) RCG

“Exciting and definitely interesting for competitors who will also follow soon and continue the development.”


Gerhard Strasser, Traffic-Labour-Inspectorate at Ministry of Social Affairs

Gerhard Strasser (c) RCG

“The TransANT is a great innovation and get’s the rail freight ahead!”


Christian Schmidt, Project Manager at SBB CFF FFS Cargo

Christian Schmidt (c) RCG

“As a partner of the RCG we are always interested in what’s going on in the market. We are cooperating in brake testing and digitalization.”


Bernard Jermann, Developer of the Flatbox, Forstlogistik CH AG

Bernard Jermann (c) RCG

“The TransANT project is the ultimate combination of sophisticated superstructure and ultra-light substructure. The superstructure is the wear layer, which is perfectly aligned to the respective function. The substructure is thus free of the most important loads. The covered carriage structure avoids shocks, wear and dirt and underneath is the always clean frame.”


Michael Kowalski, Technical Director, Rail Services at Touax

“In my opinion the TransANT is the only real innovation among all the presented freight wagons here.”

Eli Pernot, Wagon Fleet Manager at Lineas

“I am very interested in the TransANT I am looking forward to receiving further information to the wagon.”