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The RCG at the transport logistic China 16.-18. May 2018

We are conquering China, not only by rail but also directly at the largest transport and logistics fair in Asia – Transport Logistic in Shanghai. Together with 600 exhibitors from 48 countries, we will be there for the first time this year and are already looking forward to countless visitors at our stand number 114 in the main hall.

The fair, whose venue changes every two years between Shanghai and Munich, welcomed 22,000 trade fair visitors in 2016 and, in addition to an extensive information and communication platform, offers a high-quality conference program with high-ranking experts from the logistics industry.

One Belt One Road

This year’s motto is the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR).

The OBOR initiative aims to create new cross-border links and cooperations, primarily between China and other Eurasian countries. This means a multitude of economic opportunities along the new Silk Road, which is at the heart of transport logistics China.

Come with us and accompany RCG CEO Thomas Kargl and our Sales-experts at the trade fair:



Elisabeth Fiala 18. May 201808:13

That was the transport logistic trade fair in China: “We can be more than satisfied. We have not only taken the opportunity to convince customers and potential business partners of the RCG, but have also informed ourselves extensively about current trends and developments in the industry. The summary of our first appearance at the fair is very clear, as Thomas Kargl describes in short words: ” The RCG can manage China!

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201809:15

Another highlight was the topic of UTLC President Aleksey Grom on the difficulties and solutions in the transcontinental transit corridor China-Europe. http://www.transportlogistic-china.com/

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201808:44

It’s Thomas Kargl’s turn!
Thomas Kargl was presenting RCG’s strategy on the OBOR (One Belt One Road) initiative.

The RCG was the only Austrian company on the transport logistic in Shanghai, and was first briefly presented to the visitors. The attendance at the fair was intensively used to present the RCG and point out our widely spread network and our work and doings from Europe to Asia.
Of course numbers and facts must not be missed when presenting the Rail Cargo Group.

“We are very proud to be the 2nd largest railway undertaking in Europe and can announce a 2.2 billion Euros turnover. We have a 30.6% modal share of rail as a proportion of total freight carried in Austria and transported around 110 million tonnes of goods in 2017 with about 2,000 trains daily”, says Thomas Kargl.

The actual part of his speech was about the focus on Asia and which challenges and issues the RCG faces in these markets. “The growth of traffic to countries further than Europe grew by 202%, so we can see the importance of these markets”, Thomas Kargl points out, “the corridor between Asia and Europe is crucial.”

…further details will follow!

Elisabeth Fiala 17. May 201808:05

Thomas Kargl and Aleksey Grom (President of JSC UTLC) together on stage.

Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201817:53

We are done for today… in Shanghai it’s already 2 in the morning and the skyline of the city is glowing. We are excited about Thomas Kargl’s speech tomorrow!

Elisabeth Fiala 16. May 201804:45

At 9:00 a.m. Chinese time the fair was opened, on our photos you can see the busy people at the fair and at our stand. We are curious what the day will bring. In any case, we can look forward to a series of interesting lectures and technical discussions. In addition, our experts are scheduled various customer appointments.

Elisabeth Fiala 15. May 201811:39

The first photos of the preparations are online!

Elisabeth Fiala 15. May 201806:57

The preparations are underway!

Our stand is 12m² large. Our big map is centrally positioned,
where you can see our worldwide traffic.
In line with the fair’s motto,
we currently operate three regular rail connections between Asia and Europe.

– Duisburg/Germany, since 01/2018, currently 1 round trip/week

– Budapest/Hungary, since 11/2017, currently 1 round trip/week

– Lugo/Italy, since 09/2017, currently ad hoc trains

The fact that our volume is still far from exhausted is demonstrated by RCG’s pilot
trains between Asia and Europe, for example since April 2018 between Chengdu /
China – Vienna South / Austria and Chengdu / China and Mortara / Italy since
December 2017.

We look forward to tomorrow!