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The stories of the Kings & Queens

We dedicate the summer to the stories of our customers. They are at the heart of all our activities and we handle end-to-end logistics solutions for them 365 days a year. They are our Kings & Queens, for whom we are preparing a big stage over the next months.

Our customers include both large industrial companies and regional companies. On their behalf, we handle rail freight transports including pre- and on-carriage as well as additional services such as the preparation of bills of lading or customs services. In addition, we open up international corridors as a basis for the import and export of your goods.

That is why the opinion of our clients is particularly important to us. What’s going well? What can we do even better as a service provider? We asked these questions and many more to over 560 customers throughout Europe. The results show that RCG scores above all with reliability, professional competence and solution orientation as well as long-term support from our key accounts. Factors that RCG-customers appreciate, as they have told us personally. We asked the logistics decision-makers in front of the camera to find out why they chose RCG as their logistics partner.

And… Action!

In order to cover our wide range of customers, both large companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from various industries have their say in our video series. We visited the Kings & Queens at their company locations and asked for more detailed information. Which transport projects have been successfully implemented? What were they particularly satisfied with? And what can we do even better in the future?

You can find out who our Kings & Queens are on our Corporate Blog and on all RCG channels in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. You can get a foretaste here: