Daniela Dallinger
is a communicator in the Rail Cargo Group
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We support social engagement

As a leading rail logistics company the Rail Cargo Group is not only focusing on competition but on ethic worthiness too. With each rail transport the cargo transport branch is making a contribution to a sustainable clean environment and is above all aware of its social responsibility.

For a good purpose

The Association “Licht ins Dunkel” endeavors the whole year to collect donations for humans, especially for children and teenager in special living conditions. In doing so the RCG is putting itself into service for that good cause and emphasizes by contributing to the humanitarian aid campaign its social engagement. So Mrs. Eva Radinger, CEO of “Licht ins Dunkel” followed the invitation to the ÖBB- Headquarter, where RCG member of the board Mr. Thomas Kargl submitted her a check in the amount of 5.000 Euro. “We understand responsible behavior as an important principle for the economic success in keeping with environment and society. Besides it is an affair of heart, to make a contribution to those people living in Austria, who need help”, so Mr. Thomas Kargl, member of the board of the RCG.