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Country Portrait Italy: La bella Italia

The Rail Cargo Group provides a full range of transport services for rail freight transport to and from Italy with its direct railway connections to Italy – eco-friendly, safe and reliable. As a leading provider of intermodal and conventional railway logistic services to and from the port of Trieste and with a market share of around 50 percent, we are expanding connections to Italy.

Since entering the Italian market in 2012, rail freight Transport between Italy and Austria has increased by around 60 percent. For 2018, we are planning a further rise of 20 percent. In cooperation with on-site logistics centres, we are a one-stop shop for integrated transport and warehouse logistics along with final distribution throughout Italy, with included pre- and post-haulage.

Trieste as a central hub

The port of Trieste is of special significance to the Rail Cargo Group. Situated in the centre of Europe between shipping routes and the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean Corridors, the port of Trieste forms international connections between overseas and the dynamic markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Around 90 percent of goods on the Silk Road between China and Europe are shipped by sea. Thanks to its favourable geographical location in the heart of Europe, Trieste is one of the most important trans-shipment sites in Central Europe and acts as a hub for both land and sea transport.

The port of Monfalcone as a hub for automobile and timber transport

The links to Monfalcone are also undergoing further expansion. This connection is of great interest, primarily in the automobile and timber transport sectors. Together with our partners in Italy, we are constantly developing attractive logistics solutions to interlink economic areas efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Through the use of new multisystem locomotives and new wagon equipment we are thoroughly expanding our position in Trieste and Monfalcone. This allows us to ensure a smooth operation and high-quality processing of railway transport. Thanks to our internal production in Italy, we network the ports directly with dynamic economic regions in Central and Eastern Europe and are additionally creating international connections to Asia.

Our trains connect Italy with Austria seamlessly. We use them to connect dynamic economic regions and Central and Eastern Europe and facilitate international links reaching as far as Asia. © RCG_David Payr