At a glance
  • We transport 109 million tons in 18 countries in Europe
  • The rail share in Austria is 30.7%
  • Our 8,409 employees speak our customers language
  • With 518,329 trains we are transporting 1 train per minute
  • Between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
  • With 2.1 billion sales revenue we are your partner in Europe

Special technology

MOBILER makes it happen

“Rail over road” is RCG´s motto! Thus, we support a railway campaigning project and show how container transports can be handled without a terminal – our in-house technology makes it possible.Read More

A new generation of logistics

Sugar, building materials, mineral oil, wood chips, steel – every product is unique. Just like the manner of the ideal transport of the various goods.

Good thing if you have a reliable partner that understands the individual needs and implements the best transport services possible. Because: Multiple needs require individual solutions.

We are in motion – Click through our videos and discover the services of the Rail Cargo Group in moving pictures.


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