At a glance
  • We transport 115 million tonnes of freight every year
  • In Europe. And far beyond to Asia
  • We transport 1.8 million intermodal transport units every year
  • 189,483 trucks travel on the rolling road every year
  • 8,720 employees from 33 countries combine expertise with passion
  • With sales of 2.2 billion euros, we are your logistics experts
  • With 518,000 trains a year, we run 1 train every minute
  • The rail freight share is 30.6% in Austria
  • The leading rail logistics specialist in Europe
  • We employ 358,440 years of experience
  • This saves the environment a million tonnes of CO2
  • Or a continuous line of trucks that would stretch twice around the globe
  • We cover 51.91 million kilometres by train every year
  • That is equivalent to 1,298 circumnavigations of the earth


Green mobility for sustainable goods

RCG transports more than 110,000 tonnes of waste glass by rail every year. This means conserving resources combined with environmentally friendly transport. Watch our video to see how shards of glass roll on rails to the sorting plant and what our customer appreciates about the cooperation with RCG.Read More


Best practice: RTMO – Rail Transport Mobility Optimization

Railway logistics 4.0 The competitive environment remains challenging not only in the railway world. Constantly changing customer needs challenge us to be on the move. If we do not adapt to customer requirements every day, we quickly lose the ball to our competitors. All the more welcome are innovative digitisation and optimisation projects that areRead More

A new generation of logistics

Sugar, building materials, mineral oil, wood chips, steel – every product is unique. Just like the manner of the ideal transport of the various goods.

Good thing if you have a reliable partner that understands the individual needs and implements the best transport services possible. Because: Multiple needs require individual solutions.

We are in motion – Click through our videos and discover the services of the Rail Cargo Group in moving pictures.

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