At a glance
  • We transport 109.2 million tons in 18 countries in Europe
  • The rail share in Austria is 31.6%
  • Our 8,260 employees speak our customers language
  • With 511,743 trains we are transporting 1 train per minute
  • Between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
  • With 2.1 billion sales revenue we are your partner in Europe


The new Rail Cargo Group blog

Who is the Rail Cargo Group? What is moving us? And most importantly: What are we moving? Take a look behind the scenes and find out everything about the topic transport and logistics.Read More


Apprenticeship training in freight transport?

Professional apprenticeship training means investment in young people and therefore our future. The apprenticeship training application 2018 ends at 28th February 2017. ÖBB as one of the biggest training companies in Austria facilitates an optimal start of a professional career to young people. The Rail Cargo Group is the right place exploring a wide varietyRead More

Our employees

Behind Special Moments

Do you know our latest filmlet? You will be surprised. Because within this short film the Rail Cargo Group presents not a single cargo train, no single freight, no loading of goods or any insert with facts and figures about our company. Nonetheless the film comes up with powerful pictures.Read More

A new generation of logistics

Sugar, building materials, mineral oil, wood chips, steel – every product is unique. Just like the manner of the ideal transport of the various goods.

Good thing if you have a reliable partner that understands the individual needs and implements the best transport services possible. Because: Multiple needs require individual solutions.

We are in motion – Click through our videos and discover the services of the Rail Cargo Group in moving pictures.

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