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Whisper brakes

Quietly running trains Imagine being woken up abruptly in the middle of the night. The reason: a freight train thundering past. That will soon change. By the end of 2021, tourists as well as people living alongside railway lines should be significantly relieved from the noise of freight trains. That’s because freight wagons are beingRead More

European Weeks

RCG apprentices on European trip

The training is in Austria – the market is in Europe and beyond. Our apprentices therefore have the opportunity to experience internationality first hand during the “RCG European Weeks”.  During their apprenticeship, apprentice forwarding agents of the Rail Cargo Group have the chance to spend a total of four weeks of their training time atRead More

Special technology

MOBILER makes it happen

“Rail over road” is RCG´s motto! Thus, we support a railway campaigning project and show how container transports can be handled without a terminal – our in-house technology makes it possible.Read More

Change of perspective

At ROLA near the Brenner Pass

Slipping into another role for one day and – as in the case of our executives – taking over the job of other colleagues for one day. Barbara Reitgruber, Head of IT Governance and IT Administration, immediately realised that she “wanted to go to ROLA” as part of the “changing perspectives” project.Read More


5 years Rail Cargo Carrier in the Czech Republic

On 23 May 2012 the first freight train supplied with in-house traction ran in the Czech Republic. This intermodal train travelled from Trieste to the terminal in Paskov. Five years later we celebrated this anniversary by once again running a freight train along the same route.Read More

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