We are Austria. And Europe. And Asia.

11. 04. 2018

As the backbone of national rail freight transport, in addition to the consistent implementation of internationalisation, we are also intensifying our presence in the Austrian market and realising professional end-to-end logistics solutions.

In the second quarter of 2018, in addition to the current transport expansion in Europe and Asia, we are launching an Austria-wide sales offensive with a national customer focus.

In doing so, we are offering our customers the entire spectrum of end-to-end logistics services, starting with the booking inquiry up to delivery to the final location. Our focus is on the customers, in all regions and all industry segments – from wood, paper, building materials and consumer goods through steel, raw materials and automotives to agricultural, mineral oil, chemicals and waste disposal.

Through long-term cooperation with our partners, we want to ensure that with a rail freight share of more than 30%, Austria holds its top spot in the European comparison and that this modal split continues to increase.

Sustainability through single-wagon transport

The Rail Cargo Group is strengthening single-wagon traffic (i.e. the bundling of small transport units into one large one) in a targeted manner. This is because, on the one hand, long-distance rail transport is both more efficient in terms of personnel and energy than HGV transport and, on the other hand, shifting road haulage to rail will relieve traffic on motorways and rural roads while also reducing CO2 emissions.

The aim is to convince even more companies of the advantages of the environmentally friendly rail and our service portfolio, and to thereby shift more and more transports from road to rail. Thanks to our numerous loading points, we have an extremely dense operator network in Austria, including the corresponding logistics specialists in the area. As a result, the customer’s shipment is picked up directly from its location by HGV pre-carriage, loaded onto the rail and finally delivered by HGV post-carriage to the final destination.

This end-to-end range of services for single-wagon transport is not only a unique selling proposition for the Rail Cargo Group, but also an essential location factor for the Austrian economy.