5 years Rail Cargo Carrier Czech Republic

30. 05. 2017

On 23 May 2012, the first freight train in the Czech Republic was operated in RCG ownership. This was an intermodal train from Trieste to the terminal in Paskov. A reason for RCG to celebrate this anniversary five years later by sending another freight train on the same route.

On the occasion of the celebration a passenger wagon was attached, which allowed colleagues and customers to travel with the freight train and get to know our service first hand. From Breclav, a steam locomotive was preloaded to the train, which was admired by all railway fans.

Rail Cargo Carrier Czech Republic was founded in 2011 as a branch of Rail Cargo Austria. In 2016 all business activities were transferred to Rail Cargo Carrier - Czech Republic s.r.o. (RCC-CZ) including safety certificates A and B. Our first major customer - voestalpine - already appreciated the added value of the international production network from a single source.

Since the start of carrier activities, a total of more than 7 million tons of goods have been transported to date, mainly coal and coke. From the initial 50 trains per year, we increased to 1,500 trains per year, which travel in the Czech Republic and beyond. Measured by this, RCC-CZ is already the fifth-largest rail freight operator in the Czech Republic.

These achievements were only possible through the continuous and high efforts as well as the commitment of many international colleagues. Our CEO Clemens Först thanked them in his speech during the festivities,

as well as the managing directors Sebastian Sperker

and Jan Brčák, who emphasized several times how proud they are to be part of such a well functioning team.

A long way lies behind us, but we still have big plans for the future. We want to improve quality and customer satisfaction and create a new product, the Supershuttle between Ostrava and Břeclav.

"Since we can count on the commitment and expertise of our international colleagues, we will definitely achieve this goal,"

Clemens Först

See the video of the festivities here: