The Covered Wagon: the Jack of All Trades

03. 05. 2023

Weather-sensitive goods such as paper or grain travel safely in our covered wagons.

Well protected from rain, wind and sunlight and safe from loss or theft, our customers' goods travel in our covered wagons. Some of them can be loaded and unloaded from above, others from the side via sliding walls.

A wide selection of loading equipment

The Habb type wagon is the most frequently used in our company: A true Jack of all trades that can safely transport drink cans, paper, tiles, timber and machine parts and vehicle components for the automobile industry from point A to point B. There is also a wide selection of possible loading equipment: The Habb offers space for pallets, boxes, big packs or even rolls and racks. Loading and stripping is usually done through the sliding doors with a fork-lift truck. Depending on the type, the load is also secured by partitions.

With an opening roof

Our four-axle T-wagons offer more flexibility, as they can also transport bulk goods thanks to an opening roof. In the Talns type freight wagons, for example, our goods are protected all around – this is especially suitable for coke and coal. Agricultural products such as grain, animal feed or fertilizer, but also salt, are transported mainly by our wagons of the Tadns type.

The bulk-goods wagon with an opening roof is especially suitable for loading from the top as well as unloading via an unloading bunker or a conveyor belt. The goods are conveniently unloaded on the four or eight movable outlet chutes – the number varies depending on the type. The side hatches can be opened mechanically or pneumatically - i.e., with air pressure.

Want to know more about our freight wagons?

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