A strong partner: freight wagon specialist Ermewa

08. 03. 2023

The Ermewa Group is a long-standing and important partner of RCG and contributes to attractive rail logistics solutions with its range of equipment. Here we explain what makes the Ermewa Group stand out and why our work together is so valuable.

The Ermewa Group is one of the world's leading players in leasing freight wagons and tank containers for intermodal transport. Its product portfolio of 45,000 wagons offers suitable containers for all kinds of goods, from liquids, gases and general cargo to food and non-food products. In addition to its headquarters in France, the company has 17 branches in Europe.

Mutual appreciation and reliability

RCG and Ermewa not only have a long relationship, but also a very meaningful and appreciative one. Our work together is characterised by mutual support and reliability. The impressive strength of our partnership was illustrated impressively last year: we could count on Ermewa’s support with our grain transports from Ukraine right from the start.

Wagon leasing for round trips

Of the 120 different wagon types that Ermewa has on offer, we mainly use four kinds: Eanos and Eaos open wagons, Tadns wagons with a swing roof for transporting weather-sensitive goods and Sgns container carrier wagons. We rely on Ermewa wagons on our southern routes in particular. These round trips start and end at our Zagreb HUB: there, the empty wagons are connected to form trains and travel to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia or the Czech Republic for loading. After the goods have been offloaded in Italy, the empty trains return to the HUB in Zagreb. We make sure that the wagons are in perfect condition for the loading process, which is carried out by a mobile team at the Zagreb HUB.

Ermewa will be a particularly strong source of support in 2023 as we work to handle the still-high volume of transport from Ukraine to Europe. This is reflected in our wagon requirements: this year alone we will be renting 115 new wagons. Together with Ermewa, we will reach our goals again this year, to the full satisfaction of our customers. We’re looking forward to it!

Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director Ermewa

Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director of Ermewa: “We have a tremendous appreciation for our long-standing cooperation with the Rail Cargo Group: RCG is a very demanding customer, and meeting their expectations spurs us on every day. In addition to day-to-day business, we work together in a spirit of partnership and trust on various initiatives. Whether it’s the further development of freight wagons, the integration of our wagons into RCG transport management or the introduction of the DAC, we fight for the modal shift side by side. Today and in the future.”