Review of a successful fire brigade training course at Terminal BILK (Budapest)

18. 08. 2020

Rigorous management systems ensure maximum quality, safety and environmental standards. Nine of our colleagues at Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK recently passed the fire brigade exam with flying colours.

During the course, they were trained on how to deal professionally and instantly with unexpected and extraordinary incidents that can occur when handling dangerous goods at the terminal or following an accident.

Well equipped

Almost a week after passing the exam, the team had the chance to put what they had learned into practice during a live incident. During a train handover procedure, a member of staff discovered an unknown material leaking out of three tank containers on a train that was approaching the Terminal. In such cases, the whole area must be closed for operations and the composition of the liquid has to be determined.

We’re happy to report that we were able to give the all clear this time. The investigation clearly showed that there was no danger and it was just rainwater running out from under the lid of the tank wagon.