Flat Wagons and Stake Wagons: the Draft Horses

17. 05. 2023

Our flat wagons are strong and robust, effortlessly taking on heavy and large goods. The performance of our stake wagons is particularly impressive.

Flat wagons are freight wagons that usually have an end-to-end flat floor and no or at most low bodies. Flat wagons are designed for transporting goods that are not sensitive to weather conditions, including wood, steel products or concrete elements. Whole containers, machines or vehicles can also be transported on flat wagons. One of the most important representatives of the flat wagon family is the stake wagon. We have several versions of such wagons, equipped with 12 to 32 stakes. These project up the sides of the wagon as vertical bars to secure the load during transport.

Wood expertise

As the largest timber transporter in Central Europe, we carry around 200,000 loaded timber wagons every year, transporting around seven million solid cubic metres of round timber – our stake wagons are the perfect means of transport for this. The professional par excellence in timber transport is the Rnoos-uz, which we also call our “raw timber bull”. This wagon type has one bogie, fixed end walls two metres high and ten fixed stanchion pairs. It allows the loading of five stacks of raw logs, each four metres long, or six stacks of logs three metres long.

Want to know more about our freight wagons?

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