Green City Logistics Container

29. 05. 2019

Cities are the living spaces of the future. The United Nations predicts that by 2050, almost 70 % of the world’s population will be living in urbanised areas. This growing urbanisation, and the increased traffic congestion it entails, pose major challenges for the environment and thus for logistics.

Our answer: environmentally friendly, sustainable city logistics and transport concepts.

The Rail Cargo Group and Innofreight jointly developed a container with the aim of not only relieving the urban infrastructure, but also improving the quality of supply in the cities. A concept that will enhance building materials logistics in the urban area on completely new legs. The multifunctional, cross-modal container combines the mass suitability of the rail system with the flexibility of the road - and all this in an environmentally friendly way.

The advantages

  • Development of industrial centres with or without a direct rail connection
  • 24/7 logistics - no weekend ban on truck driving
  • Just-in-time concepts tailored to requirements by decoupling rail logistics from supply and disposal logistics
  • Increase of the maximum payload in the pre- & on carriage of the road
  • Truck traffic reduction without loss of performance and quality
  • Direct loading at the wagon or truck
  • Innovative unloading technology with special rotary discharge or tilting function
  • CO2-saving in use
  • 100 % recyclable container