My contribution to a greener RCG: upcycling

17. 05. 2021

Whether at work or at home, sustainability and a mindful approach to protecting the environment really matter to staff at the Rail Cargo Group. Not just in Austria, but beyond its borders too – our Hungarian colleague Andrea Barki, for example.

“We have to do our utmost to keep the environment beautiful and diverse for future generations to enjoy,” explains Andrea Barki, HR Expert at Rail Cargo Hungaria. Andrea is committed to living sustainably both at home and at work, “because it is also our responsibility to make sure our children and grandchildren can grow up in a healthy world”.

Andrea is particularly keen to take action against climate change: “If we cool and heat our offices and our homes appropriately and only as much as is needed, we’re already on the right track. Wearing the right clothes also keeps our bodies warm enough or cool enough.”

Upcycling instead of recycling

In her office in Budapest, Andrea takes any opportunity to recycle waste, but not everything has to be thrown out straight away. She found a good example of this in her circle of friends. Her friends turn empty used coffee capsules into magnets and modern, trendy pieces of jewellery and other objects.

By promoting these products, Andrea is not only supporting the project, but is also helping the environment by breathing new life into things that are considered to be waste. The project also aims to inspire and encourage people to give free rein to their creativity by upcycling.