Hafen Rotterdam / Port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam Port – Europe’s biggest seaport

23. 03. 2022

The worldwide flow of goods revolves around Rotterdam. The port stretches over about 120 km², from Rotterdam city centre to the Hook of Holland on the North Sea. The port also plays an essential role for the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group.

Rotterdam provides liner services for the transport of goods to and from more than 1,000 ports all around the world. The Dutch deep-water port is the start and end of more than 250 intermodal rail connections per week.

RCG currently has two TransFER connections that form part of the TransNET, linking Rotterdam’s port with Central and Southeastern Europe, as well as with Asia. Through our existing network, we can also offer forwarding connections to Vienna, the BILK terminal in Budapest and even to places as far afield as Turkey and China.

RCG currently runs three to four round trips per week between Wels/Linz and the Wolfurt terminal to Rotterdam. In 2020 RCG transported a total of 25,560 TEU to and from the port of Rotterdam. The items transported by rail from Wolfurt to the Netherlands are predominantly beverages and fittings. Meanwhile, steel coils and consumer goods are transported to and from Linz.

Sustainability on land and sea

The port of Rotterdam has set itself the ambitious goal of being the world’s most sustainable port and taking on a leading role in this area.

Ecological modernisation projects will contribute to this goal, for example by accelerating the use of energy derived from sustainable sources like the wind, sun and biomass. Together with the leading European freight companies, we have also set ourselves the aim of shifting 30% of freight cargo onto environmentally friendly rail connections by 2030.

Thankfully, our business model is already fundamentally sustainable. The combination of the carbon-neutral port and RCG’s environmentally friendly freight transport means that we’re doing as much as possible to protect the climate. Transporting goods to the Netherlands just doesn’t get any more sustainable than this.

All information about our TransFER connections to and from Rotterdam can be found in our TransNET.