Part 5: Up-and-coming engine drivers are on board

16. 05. 2019

10,000 hp under the hood. Taking care of thousands of tonnes of goods. Rather than bothering our seven newly-trained engine drivers, this gives them a maximum sense of responsibility.

Late February marked the starting signal. It was when seven young Italians commenced a rigorous nine-month driver training programme.

They acquired the theoretical basics of railway operation, infrastructure, vehicle-related and freight traffic-specific knowledge, and learned the basics of diesel and electric traction. In-depth practical driving training and route customers went hand-in-hand with the theoretical training. Several of the intermediate specialist examinations have already been passed with flying colours.

The qualification as an engine driver was in the home straight, and their dream of becoming engine drivers was hurtling towards the young trainees at a high speed.

From dream to reality

Over the last few weeks, our colleagues were busy preparing for their final examination, and by late March, it was finally time. All seven of the new recruits passed their exam.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services and unique fleet of traction vehicles of various series enable us to undertake a wide range of tasks. From now on, it’ll be all about bringing good trains safely and on time from A to B - but the story doesn't end there. They will also perform shifting movements, carry out brake tests, check the vehicles and safety equipment and prepare the logbook. Thanks to their border training, young engine drivers are also able to travel to border stations such as Salzburg and Kufstein. This marks a significant step forward when it comes to interoperable rail freight services, as engine drivers who can be deployed across national borders are the key to success.

They make a key contribution to ensuring that freight trains no longer have to stop at national borders, and in doing so, make freight services more efficient, faster and therefore more competitive.

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new, highly-motivated colleagues!

The happy new engine drivers


Would you like to join the Rail Cargo Group?

Are reliability and punctuality among your strong points too? Are you driven by and passionate about quality of service, without any compromise? Are you interested in this exciting, responsible career?

Then we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application as an engine driver.