Punctual and safe

01. 04. 2019

Accurate wagon checks and comprehensive training of our employees are the basis for ensuring that our freight trains arrive safely and punctually at their destinations.

The Rail Cargo Group operates its own locomotives in eleven European countries and is thus responsible for the safety and punctuality of its freight trains at home and abroad. The central element here: our certified safety management system, which ensures that risks are controlled and that train operations run smoothly.

RCG safety management system

The RCG safety management system, which has been certified since 2008, relates exclusively to rail traffic and the associated operation of our trains. To ensure that they always deliver goods safely and punctually to their destination, we carry out meticulous checks on the wagons – such as stake wagons for transporting wood, covered wagons for weather-sensitive goods or bulk wagons for transporting agricultural products. 

Both the current technical condition of the wagon and its load are checked in accordance with the applicable conditions and loading tariff.

These checks take up to half an hour per wagon. A distinction must be made between ordered checks, which are carried out as required, and planned checks. A total of 1,300 RCG wagon checks and an additional 3,000 hazardous goods checks are planned for this year.

Key element: employee training

In addition, training is a key element in making our train operations safer and more punctual. All employees who are involved in emergency management or emergency preparedness are trained. In order to improve the working quality, the transfer of knowledge regarding new or amended standards is the main objective of planned training courses and ongoing further training. Furthermore, training courses are held for specific occasions, for example due to incidents or deficiencies that should have been identified in advance.