A1 CCO Martin Resel & RCG CEO Clemens Först

First RCG wagon becomes “smart”

22. 03. 2019

When our first wagon was equipped with state-of-the-art telematics, I was temporarily allowed to slip into the role of the fitter and professionally attached the device to the long side of the wagon.

At the plant of ÖBB Technische Services in Kledering, our innovative TransANT platform wagon was used for the initial assembly of a SmartCargo device, which we developed in cooperation with A1 Digital. As Rail Cargo Group, we stand for innovation in rail freight transport. It is clear to us: we cannot meet customer requirements in the 21st century with railway technologies of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This initial assembly was the starting signal for equipping our entire wagon fleet with GPS – because telematics is becoming increasingly important, especially in cross-border freight traffic. From now on, our wagons will be equipped with SmartCargo in a total of nine Technische Services workshops throughout Austria.    

Parallel to the assembly of the devices, we are constantly working on the implementation of new systems and services based on this data. In the future, our customers will benefit from the provision of information along the entire train journey, including tracking & tracing, departure and arrival notifications as well as the estimated arrival time of the wagon.