The new TransFER: Linz - Duisburg

04. 04. 2018

On 8 March, a brand new Rail Cargo Group train service began its maiden journey from Austria to Germany. So that we will be operating a smart block train service with end-to-end transport chain planning between Linz and Duisburg.

There are eleven metropolitan regions in Germany and the Rhine-Ruhr region is one of them. Around 10 million people live in an area of approx. 7000 km². However, the Ruhr Valley is above all a densely populated industrial region that expects professional logistics. There is a clear need to keep the industrial engine running with the provision of high-grade materials. For some years, we have been implementing logistics solutions with a full range of last-mile services in the whole of Germany as well. With the brand new train service we will now be operating a high-frequency service between Linz and Duisburg, thereby creating optimum connections to the whole of Central and South-East Europe and beyond to Asia. Networking of the economic regions in Europe makes the train an attractive, ecological, total logistics solution above all for industrial customers.

Special service for Rhine-Ruhr Region

The train service operates non-stop between Linz and Duisburg. The single-wagon consignments or wagon groups arriving from different countries with all types of goods, including hazardous (RID) shipments, are combined into block trains in Linz and transported twice a week to Duisburg. The key central function of this scheduled train service is extensive provisioning of industrial enterprises in the Rhine-Ruhr region and nationwide coverage in Austria.

The shunting station in Linz is this service’s central hub for material flows to and from Germany. In Linz, the consignments are transferred to the wagonload freight system for further distribution. The Rail Cargo Group has thereby implemented a non-stop connection to the dense network of high-frequency scheduled train services. This not only connects the economic regions in Central and South-East Europe with each other, it also enables networking with the ports in Northern and Southern Europe, where goods can be transferred to deep-sea shipping operations.

Decisive benefits for freight transport customers

We manage the entire transport chain planning with door-to-door deliveries and additional logistics services, including scheduling, securing of cargo, packaging, customs clearance, transshipment and operational monitoring.

Furthermore, the train service is delivered with the company’s own locomotives. Thereby we are not only extending its in-house production range in Germany but also securing an end-to-end, high-quality international production chain. Customers benefit from shorter shipment times, better punctuality and higher standards of safety and quality.