Covered bulk wagon

30. 10. 2018

The covered bulk wagon of type Talns is used for the transport of moisture-sensitive bulk goods such as agricultural products like grain, vegetable animal feed or fertiliser.

The Talns type covered bulk goods wagon is primarily suitable for transporting weather-sensitive bulk goods. These wagons are equipped with an opening roof, which can be opened mechanically. The quick opening of the four side flaps can also be done mechanically or pneumatically by compressed air.


T = wagon with openable roof

a = with four wheel sets

l = with gravity discharge, abrupt, simultaneously two-sided, overhead

n = highest load limit over 60 tons with four wheelsets

s = executable up to 100 km/h


Furthermore, the RCG also owns further covered “T” wagons, of the types Tadns, Tds and Tdrrs.


The four-axle bulk goods wagon with openable roof and eight movable discharge chutes is particularly suitable for top loading, and unloading with an unloading bunker or a conveyor belt.

Der vierachsige Schüttgutwagen mit öffnungsfähigem Dach und acht beweglichen Auslaufrutschen ist vor allem für die Beladung von oben, sowie die Entladung mittels Entladebunker oder Förderband geeignet.


The two-axle hopper wagon with opening roof and two discharge chutes per wagon side is primarily used for the transport of various agricultural goods.


The four-axle hopper wagon with opening roof has four unloading openings with side outlets on each side. One wagon unit consists of two fixed-coupled freight wagons of the type Tds and is primarily suitable for the transport of various agricultural goods.

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