RCG apprentices get energy fit: Energy driving licence for the climate logisticians of tomorrow

04. 05. 2022

With the energy driving licence, RCG apprentices acquire skills for the careful use of energy at work and in their leisure time.

Sustainable action is a common thread running through all of our corporate divisions and also characterises our apprenticeship training. That is why the energy driving licence is a fixed component of the training programme. More than 70 apprentices have already successfully completed the seminar, which was awarded the Austrian Climate Protection Prize, and received their certificate of completion. On 30.03. and 04.04.2022, the proven format went into the next round.

Practice-oriented knowledge

Together with the trainers from DIE UMWELTBERATUNG, the RCG apprentices were able to expand their knowledge about the careful use of energy and take away numerous tips for everyday life. This is because the programme of the energy guide goes far beyond the knowledge needed for a professional future in railway logistics. The seminar programme relates to the areas @home, @work, @leisure: everyday ways to save energy, tips for energy-saving mobility and valuable knowledge about the ecological effects of our energy consumption are conveyed. Among other things, the future climate logisticians learn how to read their electricity bills and how much an appliance in standby mode costs per year.

Training Manager Franz Heißenberger (very left) with the future logisticians

Good for the environment, good for the customers

If the RCG apprentices are up to date on energy efficiency, the customers benefit from it. "We provide our apprentices with the necessary know-how to design climate-friendly logistics services of tomorrow. In addition, this enables them to better reflect on and implement energy efficiency in their private environment. In this way they experience that saving energy does not mean a loss of quality of life - on the contrary!", says training manager Franz Heißenberger with conviction.

Future-oriented climate logistics in demand

The growing interest in apprenticeship training at RCG shows that young people care about the efficient use of energy.  This year, RCG again registered an increase of more than 50 % in the number of applicants. The opportunity to help shape a climate-friendly future at RCG has increasingly become a decision criterion. By integrating energy and environmental topics more strongly into the training programme, we are also addressing the apprentices of tomorrow.