TransANT - less weight more freight

03. 10. 2018

The new freight wagon offers maximum flexibility in rail freight transport and impresses with its high energy efficiency.

Together with voestalpine, the RCG presented this revolution for rail freight transport in mid-September.

The equipment innovation convinces with a modular lightweight construction concept.

The standardized platform wagon offers the flexibility of the adaption of different superstructures, so the transport can be individualised to the customers’ requirements. Flexibility is the priority, and sustainability is an integral part of the concept.

Environmental awareness

The ecological impact on our planet is becoming more visible and noticeable every year. Rail freight transport is sustainable thanks to its business model.

TransANT makes rail transport even more environmentally friendly.

With TransANT, we are setting an example for sustainability.

The optimisation of this unique freight wagon does not only benefit customers, it also benefits the general public.

We are convinced that the competitiveness of international rail freight traffic will increase, and with the development of TransANT we underline this belief. TransANT is flexible and, with its innovative technology, fit for the future.

This will revolutionise, strengthen rail freight transport, and at the same time protect the environment by reducing emissions. Transporting more goods by rail means fewer emissions.

TransANT also has a lot to offer in terms of energy efficiency: Compared to a conventional wagon for transporting a 40-foot container, a TransANT of the same size saves around 75 kWh/100,000 train-km and an additional 109 Euro/100,000 train-km in electricity costs. The resources used for energy production are limited, alternative methods of generating power, however, do not cover the energy consumption. Therefore the careful use of resources is all the more important.

This means that we have to use energy as efficiently as possible and contribute significantly to environmental protection and sustainability.

The technical advantages at a glance

TransANT is a revolutionary platform concept that sets a new standard in the freight transport market. The modular lightweight construction of TransANT offers a loading advantage of up to four tons, which is also achieved by the 20 percent lighter underframe.

The platform is available in different lengths between 33 and 70 feet and the modular superstructures are available in various industry-specific versions. TransANT can be used without any restrictions in conventional single wagon transport; without a superstructure, the platform can be used as a container wagon for intermodal transport.

Another big advantage: TransANT can be used at the hump, due to an intelligent interface between body and carrying wagon. The preparation for automatic coupling ensures future optimisation and automation of railway operations.

We transport around 83 million tons of goods in and through Austria every year. Rail freight transport already saves the environment around 0.9 million tons of CO2 * – or a continuous queue of trucks twice as long as the earth’s circumference. If we can increase this value with our innovation, it will benefit our environment and ultimately all of us.