Our contribution to a green RCG: Recycling waste materials

11. 08. 2020

“Every step we take to make our lives more environmentally friendly helps our world.” – Rail Cargo Group staff like Albina Starkova and Alexey Chuntomov big a big emphasis on living sustainably. – both at home and at work. In our “Green RCG series”, we are showing you how staff at the Rail Cargo Group are making an active contribution to protecting the climate.

This time, we are even introducing two members of staff:

Albina Starkova is an accountant and Alexey Chuntomov is an HR manager at Rail Cargo Logistics Russia. Every little step to help our environment means a lot to them.

They emphasize the importance of recycling plastic waste at their office in Moscow. They and their colleagues are helping improve waste separation. Albina and Alexey donate old office equipment like computer monitors to a recycling organisation. This means they can be re-used in industry and don’t simply end up at the dump.

However, Albina and Alexey’s contribution already begins on their way to work. They use public transport in their professional and private lives. Their motto is this: “Taking the underground to work is another small way we can do something good for the environment.”

What great things can you make out of plastic bottles? Look at this: